DarkOmen – A MMO and FPS gaming clan

Welcome to the homepage for DarkOmen, a clan with a long history in playing MMOs and first person shooter games.
DarkOmen is a multi game clan that plays ArcheAge, Battlefield 1, The Secret World, Star Trek Eliteforce 2, Star Wars Battlefront and Titanfall 2.

Our focus is being a casual group of people and having fun gaming.
Our goals is to have fun, team together and be an active group.

We have no preference in time zones as we have members from multiple zones.
DarkOmen has been playing The Secret World MMO since the beta, ArcheAge since the Alpha version and Black Desert since the closed betas. We still have a presence in the AION MMO as well.

DarkOmen was originally the SFI Clan. SFI evolved into using the DarkOmen name for MMOs.We still use the SFI name for the Star Trek Eliteforce 2 game.

We welcome new and experienced players to all the games we play at Dark Omen.

Please visit our forum and register by  Clicking here   

To visit SFI Star Trek Eliteforce 2 website Click here

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