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  2. @butchplease01 @Warcraft It's a painful challenge. I had a hard time seeing the infernal's ground effect. :/ I ende… https://t.co/MUqLfWMNh7

  3. Last week
  4. @fitbodApp Does the app give you the exercises in the exact order they want you to do them?

  5. @ShintarCommando @Celarri It's definitely a novel 'come back and try us again' approach.

  6. The tanking challenge is ... a dps race. -.- I was hoping for something that actually stretched my tanking skills i… https://t.co/kVFb4UX8fb

  7. @Lawilc01 It's a Comic Sans mistake? ^_^

  8. RT @gamasutra: Thanks to a cosmetic change, Epic accidentally rebalanced Fortnite's shotguns: https://t.co/fIPU9uNOQ4

  9. OMG why is every single interaction with @BankofAmerica AWFUL. Had to call them one last time to cancel my account… https://t.co/9rtapXR0A6

  10. So, someone on YouTube is complaining that they can’t get their Apple item repaired after voiding the warranty by d… https://t.co/xSjBoOcN2k

  11. Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

  12. For all of my comments about the numbers being beyond human comprehension, I have enjoyed the weapons in Legion. No… https://t.co/2isJt79GFE

  13. I read the new blog post from Bioware. Unfortunately for them, it just comes across as yet more damage control. I r… https://t.co/1BTdBwo8G0

  14. RT @MOOMANiBE: Oh my god how is Ultima Online such a nonstop faucet of hilarious anecdotes https://t.co/9WUyslNQ0y https://t.co/wRLmSIMXRq

  15. We’ll snuggle, but our legs have to be straight. https://t.co/R11ya7rlMG

  16. @ShintarCommando To be fair, it is hard from the player perspective to tell what decisions are the key good ones an… https://t.co/9j3eC7dBUY

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  18. An interesting view of how the Wow Devs are working towards dealing with Faction imbalance issues across the variou… https://t.co/vSffNPtU6M

  19. @ShintarCommando Still, until the Wow Devs stop having a bee in their bonnet about players hanging onto (or farming… https://t.co/Ww9EupvDC1

  20. Though given how much Wow's numbers get inflated over a couple of expansions I suspect there will be constant infla… https://t.co/AzmjBzN8QS

  21. @Lawilc01 Don’t asparagus us? Sound anti-plant to me. ^_^

  22. @Celarri She hasn’t taken time from her busy nap schedule to check it out. ^_^

  23. Feral done. I like my blue glowing kitty. :) https://t.co/LSb94RSDls

  24. @Blachloch Is it better to have 'free range' Ops players or focus more on 'home grown' ones? Questions, silly questions. :)

  25. Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

  26. @Lawilc01 Mythic gauntlet for the torches. :evil grin:

  27. @BofA_Help Too late for that. I’m closing out that account AGAIN and spending the rest of my energy on posting my s… https://t.co/d7DsBs4Kib

  28. The first of two challenge mode appearances I really want to get. https://t.co/10mIKfIdwd

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