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  2. After making its debut on the Overwatch PTR more than a month ago, developers have confirmed that the Blizzard World map will be making it to the live game starting on January 23rd. View the full article
  3. The Chronicles of Elyria team is a bit smaller today after a now-confirmed round of layoffs hit Soulbound Studios. The layoffs were confirmed via Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh on the official site. According to his post, the "team size was never intended to be sustainable without the long-term aid of a publisher or investor". After employees were let go, however, it appears that development costs are stable going forward without a publisher or investor. View the full article
  4. MMORPG.com has been given a massive amount of closed beta keys for Strikers Edge - a game designed to deliver the ultimate "Dodgebrawl" battle experience on both PC (via Steam) and on the PS4! Strikers Edge features a roster of eight ancient warriors from different eras and civilizations ready to enter the fray. Get your key now and check out this all new game! View the full article
  5. @snave1208 Nothing like a PvP 'nerf class X' thread to get so many people talking past each other. -.-

  6. We’ve seen a lot of discussion about the morality of Epic Games suing people, including minors, for advertising their cheats in Fortnite, but while court-enforced injunctions may prevent some cheat makers from re-offending, Tencent over in China is taking a different approach; they’re getting law enforcement involved. According to a report out of Bloomberg, Tencent has assisted Chinese police in taking down more than 120 people in 30 cases involving the creation and distribution of cheats for PUBG and is branching out into its other titles. The individuals under arrest are being charged with violating China’s criminal laws on disrupting computer networks, and unlike Epic Games’ simple injunctions, can and have faced jail times of up to five years as well as massive fines. “PUBG is going through a puberty of sorts and cheaters threaten to stunt its growth,” said Kim Hak-joon, who analyzes gaming stocks for South Korea’s Kiwoom Securities Co. “Cheaters mostly drive away new users, and without retaining new users, PUBG won’t be able to consolidate its early success and become a long-lasting hit.” This is not the first case of authorities cracking down on video game crimes. Last year, Jiangsu police arrested a Counter Strike: Global Offensive cheat developer who now faces up to 15 years in prison. In South Korea, a 17 year old was arrested for developing and selling cheats for Overwatch. Over in Japan, police have made use of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law in order to prosecute people creating and selling cheats for video games like Alliance of Valiant Arms and Sudden Attack. In 2014, two men were sentenced to prison in China after scamming people of digital items and selling them for cash. In some cases, developers are assisting the police in cracking down on criminal offenses, however the police are the entities pressing the actual criminal charges. View the full article
  7. Perpetuum Online may be shutting down its official servers, but the game isn’t necessarily going away forever. Avatar Creations last week announced that, after seven years, the official Perpetuum servers will go offline as of January 25. If you happen to have an itch that only Perpetuum can scratch, you’ll still be able to log in to one of the game’s already available standalone servers, operated by members of the community. We cannot release the live server’s database to the public due to privacy issues, however DEV Crm is committed to keep the live DB alive with his own private server solution. This won’t be the same as the current official server in terms of speed and availability and it’s strictly a “no promises made” gig, but it’s something. The official news post goes into more details on standalone server operations. There are presently five servers online, however most have single digit player counts. (Source: Perpetuum) View the full article
  8. New Dawn has been updated with new content including an assortment of gates and walls created in a variety of materials. You start off, of course, with the simplest made of wood or bamboo and progress through formidable stone walls. View the full article
  9. In an emotional FAQ on the Perpetuum Online site, players have been informed that the official servers will be shut off on January 25th. "This is purely a financial decision as the monthly cost of running the server is way more than what we can handle" the letter states. However, a private server option is part of the plan and the Steam Stand Alone server will remain active while the server source code will also be released. View the full article
  10. At PAX South we got the chance to sit down with REND and go through some of their latest updates. For those who may not know, REND captures the essence of a survival game with strong PvP concepts and crafting. The fantasy world is built on a rich system of archery which creates the shooter environment. The team has been hard at work and pushing to build out new areas along with polishing character skills and gameplay. View the full article
  11. Blizzard has released the latest chapter in the ongoing space opera started with Leoric and Li-Ming. This time, Abathur is the evil villain facing off against Rehgar and Tyrael. The video also introduces each one's new skins. View the full article
  12. You can never go home again but in MMORPGs you can sometimes visit. I recently took a trip back to the year 2008 in Warhammer Return of Reckoning the fan made Warhammer Age of Reckoning emulator. Unsurprisingly a game that was full of mixed emotions upon its launch triggered another mixture of emotions upon its resurrection. View the full article
  13. The year just started so what better way to do new things for the year than to begin a bi-weekly column on Warframe. Everyone knows about Warframe right? No? Well than, let's start off with an introduction not only to Warframe. I'm Brandedwolf and this is your introduction to being a Space Ninja. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe. View the full article
  14. The Crowfall site has been updated with a trio of tutorial videos designed to introduce new players and / or fans to the game itself and to its systems. The first three videos cover a basic introduction, the essentials for harvesting and how to get equipped and ready for the fight. View the full article
  15. It’s no surprise that the gaming industry brings in quite a bit of moolah each year, a number that has been increasing for years and doesn’t show much of a sign of slowing down. Analyst Digi-Capital today released a prediction that video game hardware/software could reach $165+ billion in sales and go as high as $235 billion by 2022 if it stays on course. By comparison, according to the firm, this kind of revenue will make the gaming industry bigger in the next five years than the GDP of 150 countries. You can read the whole report at the link below. The gaming industry has also been fueled by record investment, over $2 billion in 2017 and growing. (Source: Digi-Capital) View the full article
  16. NFL Playoffs Upsets

  17. @avflox @db "express yourself" remains one of my all-time favorite movie scenes

  18. World In Ruhn

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  20. A few weeks ago, I received the noblechairs: ICON gaming chair in order to write a review for MMORPG.com. Honestly, I'm not usually the type for hardware or peripheral reviews, but when I saw this one, I knew it was the chair for me. This is our noblechairs: ICON review. View the full article
  21. NFL Playoffs Upsets

    I think the Philadelphia Eagles will beat the Falcons handily and with Nick Foles go to the Super Bowl and beat the Jacksonville Jaguars who will again beat the Squealers in Pittsburgh. Patriots survive Titans and go no further. Vikings over the Saints.
  22. (Editor’s Note: This piece is an unpublished rant from 2013 that I decided to release because it is mostly finished albeit a giant text of complaints, I feel it still holds true today. The story below is true.) I had an epiphany moment way back when Final Fantasy XIV first came out in 2010 that drastically changed my view on gaming and a notable portion of the gaming community. I came across a thread on the official FFXIV forums where a guy was complaining that Square Enix wouldn’t give him a refund despite the game being in poor condition. He explained in the original post that he knew of the game’s problems during beta, and even participated in almost every phase, but decided to pre-purchase with the hopes that they would be fixed by the time the game launched. They weren’t, so he wanted his money back. Understandable. While few would disagree that Final Fantasy XIV had major problems in its first iteration and was without a doubt a trainwreck, just keep reading. I wouldn’t be telling this if it didn’t get better. One of the users asked what exactly he found wrong with the game. His response? The slow combat system, the slow leveling, the individual profession levels, everything about crafting, the graphics, the lack of open world pvp, the lack of open worlds period, leve quests, traditional questing, story-driven quests, reliance on crafting, lack of looting players, and a few other things I may be forgetting. In other words, the entire game. Personally I found this man astounding. What he wanted was Final Fantasy married to Darkfall, a hardcore sandbox pvp MMO, and apparently gave serious expectation that Square Enix would suddenly transform every single aspect between open beta and launch. I can see a guy who plays a beta, sees some features that aren’t available immediately or are buggy or broken or needs to be balanced, but buys the game to get in early because he expects those bugs to be fixed later on. That kind of disappointment I can agree with. What this guy wanted was a fundamental rewrite of the entire game. But boy howdy, does it get better. Just keep reading. Eventually someone in the thread said “count it as a $50 lesson in spending your money wisely.” He didn’t spend fifty bucks. After our friend played through most of the beta phases, found not a single redeeming quality in his words, he went ahead and ordered the collector’s edition and loaded his account with a couple hundred dollars in Crysta. Not only that, but he did the same for his wife who similarly hated every part of the experience. Just sit back and let that sink in. Putting six hundred (at least) down on a video game that you didn’t like. Six hundred bucks. Ten new games, or two hundred on your average Steam sale. Several months of car payments. Many massage appointments to soothe your temper. I don’t know. The last thing I spent over six hundred dollars on in one go was a down payment on my car. I saw a few people in the thread at this point calling the man delusional, and I have to agree with them. He genuinely believed that FFXIV would suddenly transform into an entirely new game literally overnight, against all evidence to the contrary, and was willing to bet six hundred bucks on it. When pressed on why he wasted so much money if he hated the game, the guy responded “it’s my money, I decide how I spend it, not you.” Fair enough, no one is trying to tell him how to spend his money. A little defensive of an answer for someone who believes to be in the right, I must say. Now, you may be thinking “oh this guy is probably rich,” and you would be correct. Pressed further on the matter, he admitted that six hundred dollars “was basically nothing” to him compared to his weekly income, but that his demand for a refund was on principle rather than price. Three years later and I still think about this gentleman because his thread opened me to the ocean of people with more money in their wallet than common sense in their head. I saw it from people purchasing lifetime subscriptions to games that they had either not played, or had played and did not like. In people purchasing multiple copies of Star Trek Online just to get their hands on the multiple store-specific cosmetics, only for Cryptic to add them to the cash shop later on. In people setting up multiple accounts for WWII Online and Warhammer Online as a “donation” to keep the game running. Spending into the triple digits on a Kickstarter of a game that they might not even like in return for some cosmetics. Other than that I have no opinion on the matter. View the full article
  23. Nexon’s Fantasy War Tactics is hitting its 800 day anniversary and if you don’t know what kind of present to buy for that kind of event then don’t worry about it. The presents are coming to you. Starting yesterday (November 11) and running for eight days, players can log in and gain daily gifts and participate in events revolving around dishing out gold and diamonds. The anniversary update delivers tons of new in-game giveaways and events for players to enjoy. Beginning on Thursday, Jan. 11, players who log-in daily will hail the 800-day milestone with 8 days of valuable item drops, such as: Day 1 – Random Rune Box x3 Day 2 – Unknown Fruit x40 Day 3 – 15,000 Soul Stones Day 4 – 8,000,000 Gold Day 5 – Dungeon Subjugation Ticket x100 Day 6 – Universal Transcendence Ticket x1 Day 7 – 5-Set Selection Ticket x1 Day 8 – 6-Equipment Piece Selection Ticket x1 Those who seek more information can find it on the official Facebook page. View the full article
  24. MMORPG.com has been provided with closed beta keys to give away for Strikers Edge on Steam. View the full article
  25. @Lawilc01 So, they toed the line on the meaning? ^_^

  26. Disney and Lucas Arts have announced a new mobile arena-based multiplayer PvP mobile game called Star Wars: Rivals. Similar to Overwatch, players can switch out heroes at will during the match. Heroes are unlocked through progression and drops. You'll find iconic characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Jyn Erso, Fin, Phasma and more. View the full article
  27. Niantic has announced the first-ever Community Day in Pokemon Go. The day is designed to bring players together in local parks to "make new friends and experience what it means to be part of this special community". Community Days are planned to take place every month and each will feature a special Pokemon that will be present frequently all over the world for a select number of hours. View the full article
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