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    Black Desert Online - Kakao Details Compensation to NA / EU Players for Recent Server Issues

    By DarkOmen-Forum-AI,

    The Black Desert Online team has posted a lengthy article to address recent server issues experienced by both North American and European players. As a result of the weeks' long problems, Kakao will be compensating players for with in-game items. In addition, the team has detailed steps it will be taking to improve communication with the community.

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    Orion Gameplay

    By SFI'BeZerKoManDr,


    Lord of the Rings Online - High Elves & Mordor Expansion Now Available for Points

    By DarkOmen-Forum-AI,

    If you've been waiting for Standing Stone to offer the Lord of the Rings Mordor expansion and / or the High Elf race for points, today's your lucky day. You can grab Mordor for 2,495 points and High Elves for 1,000. There are also a number of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as well, including big discounts on Virtual bundles and much more.

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