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    Browns Win Thread

    By SFI'BeZerKoManDr,

    ;)The 0-15 Browns will march into Pittsburgh and garner their first victory in a year and 7 days and storm into the NFL Draft with the first pick, an extra 1st round pick from passing on Teshaun Watson  along with numerous draft assets, a new GM and a dearth of salary cap space.  Deshone Kizer will shine and for the first time look like the answer beating the Steelers backups and the horror of winlessness will be staved off, although returning coach Hue Jackson will jump into Lake Erie in either case and be partially absolved.  Commence crayon drawings and write it down!


    Orion Gameplay

    By SFI'BeZerKoManDr,


    Guild Tradehouse

    By Saryasino,

    I have acquired a tradehouse in Gwen that I've set to guild use so you all can make trade packs there etc.

    Message me in game for more details

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