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  1. Saryasino

    Fun Facts

    Sound like that could hurt of they stayed in the boiling water too long.
  2. Saryasino

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    And here I got excited thinking you installed Star Trek Online. I still am waiting for you to get in the game.
  3. Saryasino

    Fun Facts

    Some more: 1. Ronald MacDonald is called Donald MacDonald in Japan, because of the lack of a clear “R” sound in the Japanese language. 2. The word “Pencil” is derived from the Latin word for “small penis”. 3. In Texas killing Bigfoot is legal, if you can find him. 4. In a perfect example of irony, the girlfriend of the founder of match.com left him for someone she found on match.com. 5. Spaniards use the same word for “wives” as they do for “handcuffs”. 6. The only member of ZZ Top without a beard is named Frank Beard. 7. Reincarnation is illegal in China, unless one consults with and obtains permission from the government. 8. The average fart exists the body at a speed of 7 miles per hour. 9. The Greeks believed that redheads turn into vampires after death. 10. West Side Story was originally titled East Side Story and the main conflict was between an Irish and a Jewish family. 11. The theme tune for Saddam Hussein’s 2002 political campaign was Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. 12. Shakira wasn’t allowed in her high school choir because the teacher thought she sounded like a goat. 13. In 2012 a 3-year-old boy was elected mayor of Dorset, Minnesota. He was not re-elected for a second term. 14. In Oklahoma, taking a bite out of another person’s hamburger is illegal. 15. The word “mortgage” comes from a french term meaning “death contract”. 16. The medical condition “Paris Syndrome” is suffered mainly by Japanese who visit Paris, and find it isn’t what they expected. 17. In 2011 a piece of “non-visible” art was bought for $10,000. 18. Scientific studies have proved that most people cannot distinguish expensive wines from inexpensive ones by taste. 19. 55% of American believe they are smarter than the average American. 20. To help pandas adapt to life in the wild researchers at a wildlife centre in China wear panda costumes while working in the enclosures. 21. 7% of religious Americans pray to God about finding a good parking spot. 22. “Fart Proudly”, a scientific essay about farts, was written by none other than Benjamin Franklin. 23. One of the available languages on Facebook is “Pirate”. 24. The scientific name for a Western Lowland Gorilla is “Gorilla gorilla gorilla”.
  4. Saryasino

    Fun Facts

    Some actual fun facts. 1. German chocolate cake is named after a guy named Sam German, not the country. 2. Almost as many people were killed by guillotine in Nazi Germany as in the French Revolution. (ok this one isn't "fun" ) 3. The creature that kills the most people every year isn't snakes, sharks, or even other humans — it's the mosquito. 4. The Sun City Poms is a cheerleading squad in Arizona that only people 55 or older can join. 5. "What in tarnation?" is literally just another way of saying, "What the hell?" 6. Chainsaws, the horror-movie murder weapon of choice, were invented for aid in childbirth😊. 7. There's an island in Japan you can visit that's inhabited only by friendly bunnies. 8. There are actually more public libraries in the US than McDonald's. 9. The last letter added to the English alphabet wasn't Z — it was the letter J. 10. In 1518, a “dancing plague” took over the town of Strasbourg, France. 11. People wore fake moles (or "beauty patches") made of velvet, silk, or mouse skin in the 18th century as a fashion statement. 12. Before the invention of color TV, 75% of people said they dreamed in black and white. Today, only 12% do. 13. A female architecture student prevented a Manhattan skyscraper from collapsing in the 1970s when she caught a massive design flaw. 14. It's illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland because they get lonely. 15. Wombat poop is cube-shaped. 16. The British royal family isn't allowed to play Monopoly. 17. Popcorn wasn't always a beloved movie snack — in fact, prior to the Great Depression, movie theaters hated popcorn. 18. Paper bags aren't any better for the environment than plastic ones. 19. In the 19th century, experts warned women about a disease called bicycle face, which meant getting stuck with the awkward faces they made while biking. 20. Until the 1980s, it was illegal for a woman to drive a car down Main Street in Waynesboro, Virginia, unless her husband was walking in front of the car waving a red flag. 21. The voice of Mickey Mouse and the voice of Minnie Mouse got married IRL. 22. A can of Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse 😳. 23. For a short time, the planet Uranus was named...George. 24. Movies have to clarify that they're fiction because of a 1930s lawsuit that traces back to none other than Rasputin. 25. Iceland has an elf whisperer who inspects construction sites before anything gets built to make sure no elves are hanging around. 26. In the 1920s, women in several US cities organized Anti-Flirt Clubs in to combat catcalling. 27. Toilet seat covers are basically pointless. 28. There is an island in the Bahamas that's inhabited only by swimming pigs. 29. Richard Nixon once smuggled a suitcase full of weed through the airport for Louis Armstrong. 30. Ancient Greeks came up with the idea of cyclops after they found a fossil of a mammoth, and had no idea what it was. 31. There are 70 (!) ingredients in a McRib sandwich. 32. There are lower-case numbers in addition to lower-case letters. 33. The first person to perform a successful C-section in South Africa was Dr. James Barry...a doctor who was actually a woman. 34. For a brief time, Melbourne had the best name on the planet: Batmania. 35. In 1981, a black lab named Bosco was elected honorary mayor of Sunol, California. 36. Lego is the largest tire manufacturer in the world. 37. A "buttload" is a real measurement of weight. 38. 4% of the sand on Normandy beach is made up of shrapnel from D-Day that has broken down. 39. If someone gives opinions on topics they know nothing about, they're an ultracrepidarian. 40. Canadians say "sorry" so much that The Apology Act was passed in 2009, declaring that an apology can't be used as evidence of admission of guilt. 41. Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt once ditched a White House dinner party to go on a joyride flight to Baltimore. 42. There's a high school in Minnesota that gives service dogs yearbook photos. 43. Most American movie villains have British accents because we associate them with having high intellect and low morals. 44. Earth used to be covered with giant mushrooms that were 24 feet tall and three feet wide, instead of trees. 45. Mother's Day was quite literally invented to be anti-commercialism. 46. There's a sexual phenomenon named after President Calvin Coolidge. 47. The logo for Chupa Chups was designed by Salvador Dalí. 48. Modern thong underwear was introduced by Fiorello LaGuardia, the mayor of New York City. 49. The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, has so many cats on its grounds that it employs a "Press Secretary to the Cats." 50. A writer predicted how the Titanic would sink in 1898, 13 years before it was even built. 51. There's a town in Poland where everything is decorated with paintings of flowers. 52. There are trees that can grow more than one kind of fruit, and they're called fruit salad trees. 53. "Horizontal refreshment" was 19th century slang for sex. 54. In Queensland, Australia, it's illegal to own a pet rabbit unless you're a magician. 55. Elizabeth Jennings Graham did what Rosa Parks did, but a century earlier on a New York City streetcar. Her eventual lawsuit led to the desegregation of New York's public transit system. 56. Sea otters have a pouch under their forearm to store their favorite rocks. 57. T-shirts were originally marketed to unmarried men who didn't know how to sew buttons back on collared shirts by themselves. 58. Prior to the 20th century, squirrels were one of America's most popular pets. 59. All colors of Froot Loops have the same flavor. 60. April 18, 1930, was such a slow news day that at 6:30 PM, the BBC's radio announcer said, “There is no news." 61. Before the 1800s, people had a "first" and "second sleep." They would sleep 3-4 hours, wake up for 2-3 hours to do some type of activity, then go back to sleep until morning. 62. Cows have "best friends" and get stressed when separated. 63. Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830s. 64. Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's son, was in close proximity to three out of four presidential assassinations. 65. If you're being violent or drunk in Japan, police will get a futon and roll you into a burrito. 66. All mammals take about 12 seconds to poop, regardless of size. 67. Miami is the only major US city founded by a woman. 68. The story you've probably heard about lemmings jumping off of cliffs to their deaths is FAKE. 69. Anxious travelers can play with mini horses at a Kentucky airport. 70. In 1965, a patent was filed for a "birthing apparatus" which would spin pregnant women around at as much as 7G until their baby was flung out from the centrifugal force. 71. A cat co-authored a physics paper in 1975. 72. Cornflakes were invented to prevent masturbation. 73. When the University of Nebraska plays football at home, the stadium becomes the state's third largest city. 74. Shaggy from Scooby Doo's real name is Norville Rogers. 75. Every year on Aug. 5, the Mars Curiosity rover sings itself a sad, solitary "Happy Birthday." 76. There are turtle tunnels in Japan to save them from being run over by trains. 77. Snakes can belch fire. 78. "She sells seashells by the seashore" was written about an actual person named Mary Anning. 79. Mr. Rogers announced that he was feeding his fish on every episode of his show because a blind viewer once asked if they were okay. 80. Red Sour Patch Kids are the exact same candy as Swedish Fish, just with some sour sugar sprinkled on them. 81. Baby puffins are called pufflings.
  5. Saryasino

    Fun Facts

    However it is political in nature (June 12th if I get what you are hinting at, a meeting between politicians) I really don't want a gaming clan forum to become an outlet for politics. As I have stated before.
  6. Saryasino

    Fun Facts

    Not seeing the fun there.........................
  7. Saryasino

    Han Solo Season

    From StarWars Battlefront 2 Incoming TransmissionWe’re back for another Community Transmission and this time we’re here to talk Season Two.It’s been a busy few weeks at DICE HQ and it only feels like yesterday that we were rolling out the Progression Update. With the release of the Night on Endor update we’ve now found ourselves in our regular cadence of content releases.In the very first Community Transmission we talked a little bit about our methodology behind updates, and how some would be similar to Night on Endor and others would be classed as Seasons. As part of our ongoing commitment to opening our lines of communication, today we’re going to talk a little bit about Season Two.Did we mention it's coming out next week, on May 16?The Han Solo SeasonAs the season progresses you’ll find yourself completing challenges and seasonal quests, inspired by Han Solo’s closest friendships and against some of his greatest rivals.The Han Solo Season will be spread across two months, and we’ve got a lot of content to cover, so let’s dive in.Coming in MayHero ShowdownAlongside The Han Solo Season will be the release of a brand new game mode. Hero Showdown is similar to the much-loved Heroes vs Villains Game Mode, but with a brand-new rule set.In this 2v2 game mode, players will begin the match by picking their Heroes. Should you be defeated you must put all your hope into your teammate and wait until the round is over.If your team is successful and wins the round, you are unable to use the Heroes that you previously used. However, if your team loses the round you're free to pick any available Hero, including the ones you've just used.It's a best out of five situation, so the first to win three rounds will claim victory. Think carefully about your pick, strategy is everything in this mode.Starfighter Custom ArcadeStarfighter Custom Arcade is where you’ll be able to become acquainted with all the Starfighters in the game. Take on AI and learn skills that will serve you well when you venture into Starfighter Assault and take on some of the best pilots in the galaxy.We know that this is something a lot of our community have been requesting so we’re incredibly excited to confirm that it’ll be available as soon as Season Two starts on May 16.Jabba’s PalaceLocated in the Dune Sea on Tatooine, this sandblasted metal and stone structure strikes fear into anyone that finds themselves on the wrong side of Jabba the Hutt.Jabba’s Palace will be arriving in Star Wars Battlefront II and will be available in both Heroes vs Villains, Blast, and Arcade.AppearancesFans of Lando will be pleased to hear he’s going to be receiving an Epic, based around his Appearance within Jabba’s Palace.It’s also time that we welcome the very first Legendary Appearance into Star Wars Battlefront II, and it’s one we’ve seen mentioned quite a bit. The Legendary Appearance will go to Leia and will come in the form of her iconic Boushh outfit from Star Wars™: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi™.As this is a Legendary Appearance, it’s not just her look that’s changed, while dressed in her Boushh appearance Leia will use a speech scrambler to speak Ubese.We’ve got more Appearances planned, so spend your time wisely and make sure you’re doing your Daily Challenges to save up your credits. June is going to be quite…Legendary.Menu UpdatesWith the launch of The Han Solo Season, we're making some quality of life changes to the front menu of the game. What this means, is that when you load up Star Wars Battlefront II, you'll be able to get into your favourite game modes a lot quicker.The first big change you'll notice is when you enter the Multiplayer menu, which is now broken up into three main categories; Assault, Heroes and Villains, and Operations. Hero and Villains is where you'll find the core Heroes vs Villains game modes. Assault Modes, as you've probably guessed, is where you'll find the likes of Starfighter and Galactic Assault, alongside Strike. Operations is where you'll find Ewok Hunt, Blast, and it will also be the place to go for our limited-time game modes in the future.Main MenuIn the previous Community Transmission we talked about how we were going to be replacing the holographic effect you see within the menus with something else. The first part of its release will go live on May 16 and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on it.We do have plans to take the initial release further, and all going to plan this should arrive in June with the second part of The Han Solo Season.Spend Skill Points Pre-RoundSince the new Progression System launched, one of the key bits of feedback we’ve seen has talked about the ability to spend your Skill Points in between rounds. We’re pleased to confirm that this functionality will be launching once Season Two is released.New MilestonesAlongside the release of the new Progression System came the arrival of a minor change that placed pop-ups within the game upon completion of a Milestone. This was met with a significant amount of positivity but If there was one thing we heard, it was that for some of you reading this, you had already completed a lot of your milestones.We are adding Score Milestones for each Trooper, Hero and Specials. Troopers will receive three tiers, while Heroes and Specials will have two new tiers.Community SpotlightThe spotlight this time around falls onto a number of our Reddit communities.First up we have /r/StarWarsBattlefront, with almost 150k subscribers this is one of the largest Star Wars based communities online. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Weekly Friend Finder thread and if you're a fan of memes, Sith Post Saturday.If you're looking for a place on Reddit dedicated to gameplay discussion around Star Wars Battlefront II, then /r/BattlefrontTwo is the place for you. This is a great community that prides themselves on high quality discussion.Have you ever taken a screenshot and wanted to share it with the wider community? If you answered yes, then /r/BattlefrontCaptures should be your go to destination. This community is full of some of the best screenshots you'll find. The perfect place to head to for when you need a new desktop wallpaper.Punch It…That’s all we’ve got for this Transmission, we’ll be back again in the not so distant future with all the information surrounding The Han Solo Season content that will be released in June, including details of a brand new world.
  8. I've linked it on the Unityhq forum HERE
  9. Saryasino

    Fun Facts

    The first post was interesting. I do not want anything political/racial in nature on our forum. We're a gaming clan forum not a political discussion board.
  10. Saryasino

    Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    They didn't say Archer was alive still. Just that it has been 100 years since humans had been to the Klingon homeworld.
  11. Saryasino

    Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    Since they mention that no one has been to the Klingon home-world in 100 years (referencing Captain Archer and crew) T'pol would be about 170-180 (remembering the age she said she was to Trip in a particular episode of Enterprise)
  12. Saryasino

    Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    Told you that you'd like it.
  13. Saryasino

    Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    I put the now one had seen the klingons since Captain Archer's time similar to the Romulans in the original. No one had seen them in over 100 years either. They did a really good job I think with the mirror universe episodes.
  14. Saryasino

    Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    It would be worth getting the CBS all access trial and binge watching them. I liked Enterprise too. https://www.cbs.com/all-access/user/signup/?ref=__iv_p_1_g_15527027287_w_kwd-170170798567_h_9033506_ii__d_c_v__n_g_c_247169935667_k_cbs all access trial_m_e_l__t__e_1450427895_r_1t2_vi__&utm_source=paidsearch&ftag=AAMbabf5a9&vndid=google$null$null$cbs all access trial&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvKXbqbKA2QIVEER-Ch1YBQDaEAAYAiABEgJOAfD_BwE It's a 7 day trial. Amazon offers it as a 3 day trial through Amazon channels also. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/offers/signup?benefitID=cbsaacf&ref=DVM_PDS_GOO_US_AC_C_A_HTe_2_CBSAAL_M|c_243921281985_m_PoLHInQY-dc_s__
  15. Saryasino

    Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    Have you watched Discovery? I have and actually like it.

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