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  1. Reven

    HELP :(

    i thought the 8600 GTS would be enough guess not ohwell, im working and getting plenty of $$$ so i will try get a newer card soon
  2. Reven

    HELP :(

    it was my bday yesterday so im getting plenty of money together so ill buy a new one
  3. Reven

    HELP :(

    Nvidea 8600 GT.
  4. Reven

    HELP :(

    i have changed the settings from AUTO to 9. I still have the black tear across my screen in single player and multiplayer
  5. Reven

    HELP :(

    i changed a few settings and lowered my settings which removed some of the what appears to be a black tear on my screen. how do u manualy change the DX settings and im currently using latest version of DX9 and im on XP so i wasnt sure if i could even use DX10.
  6. Reven

    HELP :(

    Kay so finally get BFBC2 and when i go to play the campaign were my weapon should be and in the like area around when my character is looking i have a black blur across my screen i can see the ground and the surrounding environments but the area on the screen were my weapon should be i just have a black blur the game is fully updated and so is my Direct X has anyone had an issue like this?
  7. YES finaly getting new graphics card installed tonight wooo :D

  8. Looks pretty sweet if i might say so myself
  9. agreed well i think DICE has done an amazing job with BFBC2, and i think this could really boost the game truly over the top of MW2 if it all goes smoothly.
  10. So if you have Xbox360 or PS3 your set but i guess we are just gonna have to wait and hope for the best.
  11. glad you liked it ill post more of them as i find them
  12. Reven

    The Battlefield Basics !

    good stuff thanks frozen
  13. Reven

    finally feeling better

    Welcome back mate
  14. HAHAH take that MW2 you suck BFBC2 forever <3 haha hope this video makes u guys laugh like it did me hah
  15. This looks awesome, i cant wait to get it

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