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  1. Former Clanmate

    RIP.My condolences.
  2. where did you go you plick!!

  3. Fuck man i'm down to get some real BFBC action going but we need a meet time i have to much shit goin on.
  4. So are we playing sundays....if so what times.
  5. Say what?

    I'm always in vent!
  6. Server update

    I had a bad hangover ><.
  7. Don't be a BC2 n00b !

    I thought the same..but in a none HC map a sniper can help the squad out big time with motion mines!as the fella said in the video it's not the "sniper" kit it's "Recon" the VSS,G3 and the shotguns help you get right up in the action and mess folks up. But as for the guy that sits in a bush for the whole match...yeah he's gay.
  8. 10:00 PM Tonight?

    You turds going to be on tonight?
  9. Got it today

    Nahh the AN-94.It has a 2 round burst per click...i get crazy head shots.
  10. Got it today

    Just a FYI that rifle is the best so far.I can shoot a tick off a dog at 1200 paces with that!! lol
  11. Pwnage

  12. Who likes to fly?

  13. PC beta

    BAHHH!! I get out of work at 8pm EST 9pm wayyy better for me lol.
  14. PC beta

    I need squad members!!! add me as a friend "ShortBusHero"!!!
  15. PC beta

    Reserve Battlefield Bad Company 2 and receive access to the PC multiplayer beta. Beta begins January 28th, 2010 and ends February 25, 2010. Available for online customers only while supplies last. Not available for in-store or in-store pickup orders. Online Customers: A beta activation code and download instructions will be emailed beginning January 26th, 2010. http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?sku=647589 AWSOME!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!