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  1. HoffenKill

    Awesome skin Elite :)

    DAMMIT BIO! I thought you had some secret blackmail pics or something, wtf!
  2. HoffenKill

    Former Clanmate

    Sorry to hear that Seng, RIP Natter
  3. HoffenKill

    Merry Xmas to all!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. HoffenKill

    Bin laden has left the building. :)

  5. yea uh ok, waited an hour, IN Vent and in game and nada. Case closed, move on nuthin to see here anymore.
  6. Yea don't worry about the Sunday meets.. just everyone go do what they enjoy playing and leave it be.
  7. Hehe just bustin on joo bitch I know how it is man, don't sweat it. ( Wish I could play at work too )You can't force a game on a clan and make them play it. That's just plain idiotic and I certainly do not expect that here. Listen, Slayer and I occasionally play with another bfbc2 clan online, on their server in their vent, to have that kinda fun. I told them upfront I'm not looking to join their clan, just hang out play some games and have some fun, so its all cool. I did the same thing in Planetside, when NO one wanted to play as NC and hung with Ht for quite a while Those guys are actually very cool and funny but, you would not have known that ingame lol.
  8. Nah.. this is just a division with whomever is playing, play when you want thats all. But man Bio.. 2,403 hours??? 80 in the past 7 days???
  9. Thats just nasty man, call my cell if you wanna talk
  10. I was playing in game all night lol. I knew it was gonna be just us two in vent, whats the point
  11. My son wants to friend you ingame so bad lol. Accept his invite if you can, his handle is IScreamin.
  12. I was on last night...nobody showed.
  13. Who's bitching you wand wavin fairie! Besides, its just Slayer and I who actually play this game, no big deal.
  14. HoffenKill


    Nice, I got 3 weapons left for that and it is painful as none of them are the specact ONES LOL.
  15. HoffenKill


    Hehe that shit was CRAZY! My son was was having a blast watching me, especially the crazy as hell config with the UAV. Its non stop hellfire from the sky, until you kill somebody with it and then your dead. I've got 3 unlocked so far and just need about 15 kills with the M95. What I'm a little leery about is, DICE punishing those who unlocked them from leaked servers.
  16. HoffenKill

    Easy chance to Win BiG !

    Done, thanks!
  17. HoffenKill


    lol that was pretty good.
  18. HoffenKill

    Friends List Names

    MW2 sux plain and simple, no way in hell will I ever play it again. Sextron? He plays BFBC2? Who knew
  19. HoffenKill

    All Weapons Bronze Stars

    Apparently, there are servers running the leaked server files, you can get your all bronze badges! read the forums and I should be on tonight.
  20. HoffenKill

    All Weapons Bronze Stars

    But my amazing driving kept us alive!!
  21. HoffenKill

    R8 & R12

    In the meantime, they fookered my sniper spot on Arica Harbor at the second stage. You can no longer jump off those upper rocks, to the left, wtf?
  22. HoffenKill

    All Weapons Bronze Stars

    lol woulda been easier if either of us were on vent lol. Hey, that driver musta knew wtf he was doing! Man that team we were on was stupid though, why do we always seems to get on them?
  23. HoffenKill

    R8 & R12

    Wednesday... HERE
  24. HoffenKill

    R8 & R12

    They've been delaying this shit for a full month now, its a dam joke.
  25. HoffenKill

    Hoff Stats

    Ok, ingame last night someone chatted with me and called me Hoff.. who is this toon anyone? ILikePwnies

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