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    JIMA'S Back!
  1. Im Shattered, twill be a good game. Whats wid games being held back atm???
  2. Sgt_Jima

    Shipped :)

    Ill take 12, ship em in boys
  3. Sgt_Jima

    Shipped :)

    I still think they'll need a bigger ship
  4. Sgt_Jima

    Section 8 'Dynamic Combat Missions'

    yeh this is fair different to the games played reacently but i like it, i like it alot. fast tactical fun xp
  5. Sgt_Jima


    noooooooo, not avalible outta us and canada YYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jima is now shattered
  6. yes i am awsome and hello :)

  7. LOL hey jima loving ur pic LOL

    Wish I was there that night

  8. Sgt_Jima

    A Just War

    geez bezerkomandr i just notcied..... 700+ hrs on EFII, mabye u should buy a new game lolol i just messing wid ya hahahaha From Your Loveable SGT, Sgt_Jima
  9. Sgt_Jima

    Hey now...

    oh dear lord and there goes the rest of the planet lolol She would be quite the gamer if she worked on it though lol, get her 100hrs on CoD4 and we have a rocky transformation xp

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