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  1. Good to see Dark Omen still going! Playing Diablo3 and Paragon on and off. We have a TS server if you guys want to use it.
  2. Congratz Elite! keep it up!
  3. I havent reinstalled it yet. If the tourney happens i will tho.
  4. Campaign was kinda cool, music was spot on. But the feel of it was all off. It ended way to soon. MP the aliens tear you apart easily. Not happy.
  5. It sucks....don't get it.
  6. Releases on the 13th. Good or bad it's an Alien game so I have to try it. They say mp will be similiar to L4D so we will see.
  7. Why arent u bunny hopping?
  8. Very cool
  9. Keep it going ELITE! Maybe we should bring back the AION group.... haha
  11. This skin died after the upgrade lol
  12. So the date is finally here. Once again we will be roaming Esamir, looking for bases to cap and fun to have. It's about time.... Make sure you get on out TS3 server and join us with the rest of the TA. There is always someone on that you can group up with. REMEMBER the game is free! So give it a shot. Several of us also have beta keys if you want to try it out. Just message me here or through Facebook. It will be a blast to group up with you all again. LLTOE! Bio