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  1. rachaelray

    Former Clanmate

    wow.. I knew natter. that's very sad. RIP my friend
  2. I have lion, once i get some free time i'll try transferring files from my old computer to my new one here. i'll let you know if it works
  3. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    tell me more how i can install the game on my newer mac?
  4. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    Well I have an old mac computer and installed the game. how do i connect to the servers now?
  5. rachaelray

    Planetside 2

    looks interesting, i want to get into a new game that all my clan buddies are playing! who else is going to be playing?
  6. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    well i hate technology.. i upgraded to OS Lion on my mac and now EF2 and other old games are no longer compatible.. looks like my ef2 career is over
  7. Hi RRay- Merry Christmas! EF2 lost the main Master server again, so switched back to other one. Need run patch to see servers.

  8. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    -- Looks like the rust has been knocked off just fine some fun on ef2 labor day weekend!
  9. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    ya me and berzer were able to get online last night everythings sorted out looks like
  10. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    but the thing is that my xfire doesn't have any of the servers because i always played on a mac before so it has no record of me playing ef2 before today. i'll have to wait for a time when me and you are both online so i can join through you being online
  11. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    version 1.0 came with rio's download thing
  12. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    don't worry about it, i just installed riaros's iso disk images and the game works fine. but for some reason the master server patches aren't working because i can't see the list of servers...
  13. rachaelray

    Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

    no, the mac ISO didn't work. also my CD's didn't work because i think it requires something that was only made in the older macs and when i got my new one it didn't have it any more :/ if you can hook me up with the ISO's this weekend that'd be awesome. i'll try to be on xfire saturday

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