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  1. Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    http://www.cbs.com/shows/after-trek/video/EcM80KxLCpZoa2KecFtqFwoxOvyiBASY/after-trek-114/ Finale! Wows.
  2. Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    http://www.cbs.com/shows/star-trek-discovery/video/YtJXiO_vNEEz_KozcjloDhOZ_cpW_HPP/after-trek-105/ There are these too...
  3. Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    I watched the rest of them and well, yeah I think its pretty great now-- they did a plot loop to bring back Georgiou and put her on the Discovery, which seems so right and it looks like the Mirror Universe is cast in the series definitive role like the Q were in Next Gen... there are still some things I don't understand exactly but I guess I'll give them the same consideration of not pulling too hard at the threads as Disco IS a Star Trek show. The long absence of the Romulans has according to existing canon timelines already begun circa some 10 yrs after the end of Enterprise following the war at the birth of the Federation and now they specifically state Archer's crew was the last to visit Kro'nos in the beginning of Ent. The war with the Klingons was covered in Axinar's time period just prior to Kirk and I think now this is telling the story of that initial conflict in Discovery. The Klingons and Romulans I think following that had a brief alliance. There's discontinuity there because the Romulans originally trade cloaking technology to the Klingons for a non Fusion powered updated Bird of Prey hull configuration which is supposed to explain why the Romulan ships in their TOS appearance were exactly the same as Klingons in different paint scheme... NOT budget considerations or anything else.. After they become enemies, the Klingon engineers are extracted from Romulan employ and they redesign their ships into a precursor Warbird. I'd like to know if the Suliban part of Enterprise and the aberrations to the Temporal Cold War which became hot, are part of Discovery's history or not. Because Star Fleet should be familiar with cloaking technology already from Suliban contact. In the Mirror Enterprise, they used the same Suliban shuttle to adapt cloaking technology to the Defiant and from what they describe of the Defiant maybe the Archer and Hoshi etc. events of those episodes have not happened in this featured Mirror Universe in Disco. Sort of a parallel universe like the Prime and alternate versions of the Kirk timeline with the recent movies, there is an alternate Mirror Universe. In fact that would make this the Prime Mirror universe and the other one continued in DS9 being an alternative Mirror U. We don't see the Defiant here and I believe in the TOS episode where they encounter the Defiant with a dead crew was the result of reacting to the Mirror environment which in this case made them suddenly as savage as the Terrans and they went crazy and they left it in the rift to later be retrieved by the Tholians. The Terrans might have recovered it later but the technology difference of the future Star Fleet ship was maybe not as figurative if it was later in time, if Archer didn't capture it earlier. The Terrans did not thus receive the subsequent boost in technology that they did beginning with Empress Sato... Maybe the rebels are not as badly off in this timeline either as they were in the Ent glimpse, where the Defiant added to the Terran's power. As things stood sans Defiant, the Terran Empire was on the verge of destruction. If there's a version of the Mirror Universe without contact with the Suliban, the Enterprise would not have been able to cloak and get to the Defiant... We also don't know if they made it out of the base before Georgiou strafed it; they have Sarek and it seems other additional elements in their leadership and are perhaps now with the Charon gone able to challenge the Empire in this Mirror Universe. U. http://www.nerdly.co.uk/2018/02/06/star-trek-discovery-1x14-the-war-without-the-war-within-review/
  4. From Contender To Champion

  5. NFL Playoffs Upsets

    Eagles beat Patriots: 31-27
  6. Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    For that matter, why didn't they send a larger boarding party to the Klingon ship in episode 1? Actually, I watched 8 episodes and I like it a lot. I think the bad youtube reviews were undeserved; it does represent Star Trek in a true fashion even though it has a different tone.
  7. Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    I watched the first episode and I did like it. One question, why if "no one has seen a Klingon for 100 yrs" does the Klingon raid that killed Burnam's parents not counted, some 15 yrs earlier?
  8. Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

  9. Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    I'll start watching. I just wish they hadn't cocked up the Klingons' appearance and added more forehead pleating. They had an explanation of why they lost their ridges in this time period from Enterprise and one DS9 episode and wrecked continuity.
  10. Star Trek Behind the Scenes: Franchise in Retrograde

    No! I haven't seen any Discovery yet except some youtube reviews. I guess they have started the new segment in the Mirror Universe and Lorka may be originally from Mirror U... Like Enterprise it seems to have had a choppy liftoff, but maybe they will cover a new part of Trek history with good episodes and build their characters. I wanted to see Axinar but it sounds like a new movie could be a departure from the alternate timelines stories of the last three and maybe involve some marooned Star Trek personalities.
  11. NFL Playoffs Upsets

  12. World In Ruhn

  13. NFL Playoffs Upsets

    I think the Philadelphia Eagles will beat the Falcons handily and with Nick Foles go to the Super Bowl and beat the Jacksonville Jaguars who will again beat the Squealers in Pittsburgh. Patriots survive Titans and go no further. Vikings over the Saints.