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  1. Baseball 2017

    Indians shellack Seattle the next day 11-4! Austin Jackson 3/4, Jose Ramirez hits HR 28, Yan Gomes jacks 2 longballs, Carlos Carrasco wins number 17 surrendering just one run.
  2. Baseball 2017

    The Seattle Mariners performed one of the rarest feats in baseball; they beat the Cleveland Indians. Its one in only two times the Tribe haven't landed in the win column in 28 games spanning to the 22nd of August-- shattering the record of the American League and flirting with the all time mark in 1916 (N.Y. Giants) in the process garnering the consecutive road win record at 12 with dominating pitching and batting contributions from all quarters. Its an embarrassment of riches which includes 16 game winning from 3 starters, including Trevor Bauer who had in the second part of this year morphed into a world beater if not one of the best third starters in baseball, in the loss today surrendering just one to oppose a stellar effort from Seattle's starter. Fransico Lindor has belted 31 homers, Jose Ramirez and Edward Encarnacion have powered the offense but even during the 22 game winning streak, the Indians had to compensate for losing players like Michael Brantley (hitting at a .300 clip in his return from shoulder surgery but lost again to a sprained ankle), Jason Kipnis who now rejoins the team as a centerfielder as Ramirez moves back to 2B to accomodate phenoms Giovanni Urshella (one of the most dynamic defenders at 3B in the game) and Yandi Diaz,. Lonnie Chisenhal continues to nurse a hamstring but the Indians made a gigantic addition to their outfield with slugger Jay Bruce. https://www.mlb.com/video/allens-game-ending-catch/c-1841353283 http://waitingfornextyear.com/2017/09/indians-win-21st-game-in-a-row-to-break-al-record-videos/
  3. Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

  4. Server Down

    Oh OK- thanks Elite!
  5. Server Down

    Hi could you reboot server? I can't get on it.
  6. Server Down

    It looks like its working better now.
  7. Server Down

    Thanks Elite!
  8. Server Down

    Hi Elite- I was playing EF2 today and there was some intermittent lag, cleared up but came back when map change. Any chance you could reset the server?
  9. The long night gleams obsidian.


  10. Image made from EF2 screenshot

    Here is the re-colorized version of the screenshot it was made from ('polar coordinates' 2x)... The skull/ face in the middle is not Chell's face- its from this intermediary, completely swirled:
  11. Taking the fight to Good Fights

  12. EF2 server

    There is now a tool to enable EF2 players to see servers in recognition of the new Master Server: http://ef2-coop-mod.chrissstrahl.de/
  13. NFL

    35-24: Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots
  14. New IP Address for server

    OK thanks Elite!