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  1. Baseball 2017

    That's great, Elite- I'll make some posts soon- and videos.
  2. Server Down

    Oh OK- thanks Elite!
  3. Server Down

    Hi I can't find the old server problem thread: The EF2 server seems to be inaccessible today. Could you give it a reboot?
  4. Server Down

    Hi could you reboot server? I can't get on it.
  5. Server Down

    It looks like its working better now.
  6. Server Down

    Thanks Elite!
  7. Server Down

    Hi Elite- I was playing EF2 today and there was some intermittent lag, cleared up but came back when map change. Any chance you could reset the server?
  8. The long night gleams obsidian.


  9. Image made from EF2 screenshot

    Here is the re-colorized version of the screenshot it was made from ('polar coordinates' 2x)... The skull/ face in the middle is not Chell's face- its from this intermediary, completely swirled:
  10. Taking the fight to Good Fights

  11. EF2 server

    There is now a tool to enable EF2 players to see servers in recognition of the new Master Server: http://ef2-coop-mod.chrissstrahl.de/
  12. NFL

    The men with no hearts in the desert make the Browns 14 1/2 point underdogs to the Seattle Seahawks. I have a feeling about this one. Johnny Manziel has been making marked improvement and for the first time this year the Browns defense looks solvent. Minus Cam Chancellor, Beast Mode and Rawls, I think the Browns sabotage the Seahawks in Seattle 27-13.
  13. NFL

    35-24: Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots
  14. New IP Address for server

    OK thanks Elite!
  15. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    INDIANS 7-2 winners in Chicago again putting the Cubs between the Goat and a hard place as CoCo Crisp agins delivers a pinch hit RBI and Carlos Santana and then Jason Kipnis blast Home Runs through the wind and into the dejected stands of Wrigley Field. Corey Kluber blazes the trail again allowing one run in 6 innings and the Indians send Trevor Bauer to the hill Sunday night to consign the Chicago Cubs to the abyss!
  16. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    The third game of the World Series was scoreless into the 7th inning, as Josh Tomlin in a brilliant pitching performance confounded the Cubs through 4 2/3 as the Indians left runners in scoring position 5 times- Fransisco Lindor falling victim to a pick off throw and a bases loaded double play-- but they finally break through with a pinch hit RBI hit from CoCo Crisp and the Cleveland bullpen slammed the door as the Tribe drops a bomb on Chicago with a harrowing 1-0 victory to ensure that the World Series will conclude in Cleveland-- if the goat doesn't get the Cubs on Wrigley Field tonight or tomorrow... 5 shutouts already for the Tribe and it is a Post Season MLB record. Corey Kluber goes to the mound to follow up on his dominating performance that secured the first game 6-0 as Roberto Perez pounded two Home Runs. Francisco Lindor #12 and Rajai Davis #20 of the Cleveland Indians celebrate after defeating the Chicago Cubs 1-0 in Game Three of the 2016 World Series at Wrigley Field on October 28, 2016 in Chicago
  17. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    It is happening. The Cleveland Indians play game 1 against the Chicago Cubs in Cleveland on Tuesday. Ryan Meritt made his second career start and pitched 4 1/3 scoreless as the Indians closed out the Blue Jays 3-0 in 5 games and afforded themselves two more days to rest up for the final leg of their pursuit of the World Series Championship that has eluded them since 1948.
  18. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    Ryan Meritt
  19. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    Fransisco Lindor hit a two run homer and Josh Tomlin was superb again as the Indians beat Toronto 2-1 and then in Toronto for Game 3, Trevor Bauer exits after 2/3 of the first inning owing to bleeding from his pinkie finger he had lacerated fixing his drone three days earlier (drone status unknown) and 6 pitchers come out of the Indians bullpen to combine for 8 1/3 surrendering only two runs as Jason Kipnis and Mike Napoli come alive and mash home runs to propel the Tribe to a 4-2 victory-- and a 3-0 lead over Toronto in the ALCS. The teams play at 4:oo north of the border and again there if necessary. Game 6 and 7 scheduled in Cleveland but if they win today, the Cleveland Indians are headed to the World Series! //
  20. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    2-0 Indians win game one behind the superb pitching of Corey Kluber and a 2 run homer from Fransisco Lindor!!
  21. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    ...Indians win 4-3 and sweep the Red Sox!! The American League Championship Series starts tonight in Cleveland, best of 7 Indians/ Blue Jays..
  22. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    Sunday: It's the Patriots meeting the Browns in Cleveland at 1 PM and the Indians going up against the Red Sox in Boston to try to close them out...
  23. Cleveland Wins Championship!

    . Mike Clevinger, Indians' rookie pitcher Cleveland is dancing up a storm in 2016 winning the first two games against Boston in the American League Division Series as the Indians perch poised for the American League Championship Series and their chance to win their first World Series since 1948. Its been a season of magic and grit as Cleveland never lost more than three games in a row more than once and finished without need to play their final game with 95 victories, as the Tigers, Royals, Yankees, Orioles and Astros met the grim reaper in the final few games of the regular season with the Indians nailing down three more wins after clinching the AL Central as the Boston Red Sox failed to keep pace and finished one shy of the Indians total, furnishing the Tribe with home field advantage for their 5 game ALDS meeting. Roberto Perez, missing a large chunk of the season with a broken thumb emerged as the starting catcher with Yan Gomes sidelined the last part of year with injuries. No one but Perez has caught speed demon Terrence Gore all season, twice in the span of a week and provided crucial wins, the second a 1-0 11th inning triumph delivering home field-- Owing to ace Corey Kluber's effort in the All Star game, the winning pitcher that day, the AL gets World Series home field. Its been useful so far as the Indians hit 3 homers in a row (and following that Mike Napoli crushed a foul ball clearing the confines of the ballyard entirely and bounding into the street) and erased Hanley Ramirez on a spectacular throw from rookie center fielder Tyler Naquin and an equally amazing tag from Perez, who also went deep as the Indians won 5-4 over Mike Porcelo and beat Boston's David Price 6-0 in game two behind 7 2/3 innings shutout pitching from Corey Kluber. Manager Terry Francona emptied the tank in Game 1, starting Trevor Bauer and going to left handed stopper Andrew Miller for 3 innings in the 5th inning as the Indians patch together their starting rotation missing their magnificent starters Carlos Carasco and Danny Salazar. Carrasco was hit by a line drive that broke his hand on the second pitch he threw in a game late in the season-- an epic 1-0 win in which 8 bullpen pitchers combined for 11 shutout innings...