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  1. Sorry, I'm still gonna pass on this one.
  2. Never met him/her, my prayers go out to family & close friends... RIP Natter
  3. Not me, strategy is not my strong point. Would get us destroyed multiple times. We don't need that, do we fellas? ...NO ? I didn't think so! lol Anyone else?
  4. Got and email from EVGA today, sounds interesting & easy enough to do. Not a tournament or contest. Just sign-up, login, and play on their servers to win! Sounds easy right? Some great prizes on the list. Just keeping my guys "in-the-know". EVGA Bad Company 2 Anniversary Ops! <--clicky me!
  5. LOL Great find Slayer, the Long rang Neostead trick was crazy. It's happend to me many times. I thought it was a hack. The TOW missle bounce was insane, i wonder how useful that could be, if at all.
  6. Sorry Slayer, that's what i get for just scanning the posts before I speak. My bad - I'll be on this weekend, Sunday for sure. We can squad up and do some damage. A friend got me a copy of MW2 recently, and i've been messing around with him on that game, and the MoH Beta as of late. I miss BC2 it's truly the best "realistic-modern" shooter out there. I know that they got the sniper game down just right. I hope they didn't nerf anything in Recon class from the last patch. See some of you this weekend, and Happy 4th !
  7. Wow Hoff, great tanks runs dood! I'm not sure why, but i've totally ignored my tank addiction in BC2. I've been a bad boy as of late, gotta work on this.
  8. Nice, frikkin patch was HUGE ! Read the list of changes, sounded great. I'm really glad they backed-up on the "kinfe-in-the-back" deal. What were they thinking? See you on the battlefield soon!
  9. I have no clue, i think i've seen that name before, tho. Maybe you have a secret admirier?
  10. Hey guys, sorry I've been busy with family visiting, visiting family, and son's out-for-the-summer schedule. So I havn't played much of BC2 latley. But i havn't been discharged, just yet. Keep up the great work, and i'll see you guys some maybe, on Sunday. I won't get harassed on "Fodder's Day" to do nothing, so i'l have the time to just sit and play. Hope you dads have a good one too! In the meantime, keep killing boys !
  11. Yes sir, you're absolulety right. And I have been working more on it now, I love this kinda feedback. You guys are doing great, and I'm proud of all of you. Hope to see some more of the others soon, maybe. And go to town on these mofos ! ShortBus?
  12. Very excellent find Slayer! I've been wondering how to properly use the Tracer dart, and get a lock-on with the RPGs. Man, I don't know why I couldn't figure this out before. lol
  13. I havn't been in there the last couple-o-times i've played. Been out of town this weekend, so I hadn't played at all. Most of the time, i jump on Vent and sit until someone logs on and frags with me. I hope we don't lose too much momentum in this divi. I love this game!
  14. I'm afraid pc players, are going to get the shaft on this co-op mode. I think since consolers are having to pay for their extra maps, and we don't. They might be planning on sliding it in an update, like later on this year. After consolers drop it like a hidden puzzle game. PROOF--> Click Here !
  15. Got a link to a teaser for this up and comming co-op mode, in my email this morning. It's not much, like I said it's a teaser. No mention or hint for the pc users just yet. At any rate, enjoy ! Click Here!