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    Why you should be playing The Secret World

    Sorry, I'm still gonna pass on this one.

    Former Clanmate

    Never met him/her, my prayers go out to family & close friends... RIP Natter
  3. The BF3 Beta is awesome you should play it with us, SANDMAN (ShortBusHero) and myself. Lots of fun!

  4. I like Crysis 2.

    1. BiocYte


      I don't, it's full of cheaters it seems. SP is fun tho ;)

  5. CoD:Black Ops... anyone?

  6. it's 920p EST... do you know where your BlackOps server is tonight?

  7. Anyone here playing Black Ops at all anymore?

    1. Saryasino


      I am still though haven't had much free time lately.

    2. FROZEN


      Well when y ou can, logon and holla at me. I've reinstalled the game since we last played together. I need help locating our server again, if you will. I play nightly !

    3. Saryasino


      Ok I'll try to get online a bit earlier.

  8. Elite I need to sit down with you and learn everything you know about our BO server, and how to use this Admin console. I was playing on it recently, and there was someone on there cheating. Every1 was expecting me to kick/ban him, but i didnt know how. Kinda puts a sour taste in ya mouth when you run into a cheater and theres no1 around to admin and take care of him. His/her name "Treyarch...

  9. Hope every1 had a great holiday weekend, I know i did. Now back to nightly BlackOPs fragging on our server, after 10pm EST. Beee there ! =)

  10. 951p est - Loggin onto Vent !

    1. BiocYte


      I'M AT universal or I WOULD WILL BE BACK ON monday1

  11. Bio & Jdude sorry i missed you guys lst night, family just came in for the holidays. And i let my nefews take a crack at Black Ops. If youre on tonight I'll be there !

  12. NP Elite... glad to hear you're tryin' c'mon people let's do this !

  13. Is anyone else here playing Black Ops?

  14. FROZEN

    EA War Room

    Not me, strategy is not my strong point. Would get us destroyed multiple times. We don't need that, do we fellas? ...NO ? I didn't think so! lol Anyone else?
  15. FROZEN

    Easy chance to Win BiG !

    Got and email from EVGA today, sounds interesting & easy enough to do. Not a tournament or contest. Just sign-up, login, and play on their servers to win! Sounds easy right? Some great prizes on the list. Just keeping my guys "in-the-know". EVGA Bad Company 2 Anniversary Ops! <--clicky me!

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