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  1. MastaDamage


    got it and downloading the cleint now, prob going to take all night so i'll give a go tomorrow and prob subscribe over the weekend. thanks Bi0
  2. MastaDamage


    cool cool thanks, i got a hook up on SWTOR plus a 60 day card for $40 picking it up this weekend. I beta tested it a few times didn't get to give it a full tryout tho shawnbc@live.com MastaDamage might work too
  3. MastaDamage


    Hey, Any chance someone could invite me to the 7 day trial, if so ill give you the info you need let me know thanks!
  4. MastaDamage


    Blah, ya been reading all the new reviews since i beta tested tor it. sounds like it went to shiz lol i applied for ps2 beta maybe something to look into but since its SOE i'll prob have to pass!
  5. MastaDamage


    Hey Strangers MastaDamage here from the ole EF days, I see you guys are plying SWTOR,,, Is it still worth buying? << SWG vet player 8.5yrs. I would like some feedback on SWTOR and see if i should jump into it! thanks!

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