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    Why you should be playing The Secret World

    You FPS players know that this MMO has Guns..lots of guns.. Right?
  3. The Secret World is the best MMO to date and here is why. No regrets!!! Ever! In everyother MMO to Date (I have played and beta tested EQ, Planetside,Shadowbane, WW2 Online,WoW, Lineage 2,Warhammer, City of Heroes,Rift, Star wars galaxies, Star Wars-The Old Republic, and many others) There is always a moment with nerfing, balancing and content changes where you feel that you have peaked in your characters development and you are now less powerful than you once were, or cna no longer improve. In all the other games you are forced to Reroll or find another game. TSW has completely changed the game. Every bit of progress you make is not wasted, everyday you can find a way to improve and adapt to the changing envirnment. You never have to feel regret about time sunk into a character as you wil never be locked in to a class that got hit by the nerfbat. Hardcore MMO players can get really jaded over these things. TSW alleviates those worries. You can full play PVE or PVP without ever doing the parts you don't enjoy. I have been making progress every day purely by PVPing and loving it. You can always be creative and play the way YOU want To. You are never locked in to a playstyle you don't enjoy. And if to be a team player you wish to fill a particular role, you can help your clanmates for a few hours and then switch to something completely different. Never again will you be excluded from raids or groups because you chose a class that is overpopulated. In seconds you can change from healer, to tank to DPS and back again. The only thing our current team needs is You! I can promise EVERY Guild mate who joins us Tons of powerleveling and free gear. We Will make sure you are happy becasue the only thing we need to meet our goals is a larger active popluation!! I bought the lifetime subsrciption, it is that good.

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