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  1. Tommyboy

    Planetside 2

    Hole Schnitzel Bio....4500 hours.... where...how...
  2. Tommyboy

    Planetside 2

    Yes, the old farts are back in gear. Just like in Battleship, we are just old vets hanging around waiting for the day when the republic needs our help.
  3. Tommyboy


    Oh Bio, if you could work your magic and create a new sig as a before/after...use current as before and maybe Tony as after? I'll shoot you some example pics manybe?
  4. Tommyboy


    I don't know Bio, Tony doesn't like to share me. He is going to wig out when he finds out I'm spending time now with Shawn T and Insanity. I'm in week 2 of that 60 program, so look for me in late fall!! However, I did buy the game and Kevin installed it and looks like he is owning with it. I'll get his butt over here to register and practice with you guys. You know I've been gone too long with Slayer actually produces a great sig.
  5. Tommyboy

    Got it today

    Being able to turn off Gore and Language has always helped me justify Kevin playing when he was younger. I hope that's an option here. I just installed it but I'm bent on getting my LinuxMCE server up and running. I'll try to get ready for next wednesday. You guys have a tips for Noobs thread going anywhere?
  6. Tommyboy

    More posts!

    Got the limited version at GS last night and Hamster already installed it. Doubt I will get a chance to play as he likes to run around with C4 to blow up the tanks. I think he's been hanging around Froglegs?
  7. Tommyboy

    Star Trek Online Beta

    Hold it. Talk of Tanks, DPS, Healing.....this is just wand waiving to appeal to the trekies. Nice try...but forget about it!
  8. Tommyboy

    Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Server

    Downloaded and will be checking it out this weekend. Love the intro. I doubt the Zombie Genre can ever be over done.

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