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  1. :chuckle: The season of complaints about spoilers has begun again.

  2. It is funny about the uproar as the show runners have used the idea of a female Doctor since, at least, Tom Baker's regeneration. ^_^

  3. RT @gamasutra: Classic Postmortem: BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  4. Black Temple timewalking was fun. :D #Warcraft

  5. @RPGbeatsRL Yeah, Microchannel & modular PC components weren’t a hit with people. ^_^ #TheRealPS/2

  6. @SWTOReconomics @badfeelingpdcst The Washington Post printed a counterpoint: "It’s not just young men — everyone’s…

  7. Concordance on all three specs. #Warcraft

  8. Concordance on all three specs. #Warcraft

  9. You might try They tend to have a number of MMOs on sale. And I'm one that wants to get back to the game and, at least, see the story. I burned out at the starter area, unfortunately. (Zombies and Stephen King-eque/Lovecraftian stuff are way past time to be retired as gaming concepts for me.)