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  1. As a followup to an earlier tweet link: https://t.co/sHdgcMNyhr.

  2. @ShintarCommando It used to be the joke that people said "Roll" because of all the dice you used in D&D (early 80s timeframe).

  3. Go large, oh youth. ^_^ "An Engineer Explains Why You Should Always Order the Larger Pizza" https://t.co/ONHTQXtj6w via @lifehacker

  4. We used to joke that I took a lot, but as she says, lots of pills is a small price to pay to stay out of the hospital and/or off IVs.

  5. https://t.co/XRiVbtGSFz

  6. @GamerGuy11B The X is impressive, but I think I'll wait until those features move down into the 'mid-range' price p… https://t.co/JlNeOu0Xlw

  7. @Rach_Games It would be a good way to show changes in the galaxy without having to make a big point about it.

  8. I'd trade Lana, Theron, and all the Zakuul stuff for a Malgus in the style of a Clone Wars/Rebels Darth Maul.

  9. While I'm sure Apple is annoyed by the datamined information from the various leaked firmware, I wonder if they are big leaks or little ones

  10. @turbov2 @Lawilc01 @Equifax 111111111 is often used as a placeholder and for fraud. Combined with the commonality o… https://t.co/AZqtGshWzL

  11. I wish we had another option, but we’re stuck here.

  12. @Maebeebuzz "They're", not "their". Typos and grammatical abominations while tired are still -50 linguistic DKP. ^_^

  13. I really wish we had more options than @KUMedCenter. Multiple screwups with medicine for a transplant patient is horrible.

  14. It's ironic that mythic can't be too hard as it affects 'the long term health of the top-end raiding population', no real help for mid-tier.

  15. I just did the one-time story version of Crisis on Umbara. Meh. Buggy mechanics, story wasn't great, wasn't horrible.