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  1. RT @Sagesaga: Artificial Incident has updated! - https://t.co/WuBLJFxLnB #webcomic #PleaseRT https://t.co/agQvAjWyLD

  2. @TomorrowKnights You have chosen … wisely. ^_^

  3. Mount obtained. :) https://t.co/kgiW1tmSjm

  4. Sometimes RNG really, truly loves you. ^_^ https://t.co/d8MLZyYBrZ

  5. It makes me wonder if folks genuinely like the original complaint tweet or if they are subtly trolling/commenting. :chuckle:

  6. https://t.co/mM8IvSpv8e

  7. @badfeelingpdcst Be glad FUTA isn’t a technical term in your workplace. ^_^

  8. @AlynneStark @RSchaffer81 @BlizzardCS Ouch. Some of those folks are saying they have 10+ holds on their account. Th… https://t.co/ag9suFosg3

  9. @Nepthen Real raiding at its finest. ^_^

  10. @Rach_Games Because you want it. The GTN senses your desire and autocasts a huge markup. ;)

  11. @snave1208 Nothing like a PvP 'nerf class X' thread to get so many people talking past each other. -.-

  12. @Lawilc01 So, they toed the line on the meaning? ^_^

  13. So, a bad weather advisory starts after I get to work and ends just before I head home. The commute home should be interesting.

  14. RT @swk247: Has anyone heard of or had chemo brain? If so, how long did it last?

  15. That the IRS still uses 50-year old IBM S/360 Assembler speaks volumes about how little Congress wants to fund its… https://t.co/tSSVMbYWF2