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  1. @evilflamingcat As if I would need to mute you. :P

  2. @Nepthen @Aikion_Woce @WarcraftDevs I can understand that, but the tourney is usually won in 10 minutes or so, gene… https://t.co/HSpugXJ9XU

  3. @LuxandraLily https://t.co/rTBzKT7L9c

  4. Good night, Jedi Covenant. You were a good home for those of us from Keller's Void. See you all on the Star Forge!… https://t.co/lD7gWef2bD

  5. Doing some Swtor leveling with the Beyond the Stars crew. https://t.co/ptmFBhwpoT

  6. So #swtorfamily, is anyone going to do something special or nostalgic on their old server(s) before the merges? Build your nostalgia today!

  7. @badfeelingpdcst How about a Bad Feeling-themed decorations pack? For those times when you need to go all "Musco" f… https://t.co/i0G8WvFBO3

  8. @montyavocado @ultimadragons @DarkBlueMonkey https://t.co/sy91wmfxze has some current stats. A brief glance seems t… https://t.co/ZN5PrdX57N

  9. @GamerGuy11B Now you need so Airpods to go with your iPhone. Maybe an iPad and/or iMac. ;)

  10. I had a wonderful time being an impromptu guest on the Spam Spam Spam Humbug podcast with @UltimaCodex. :) #SSSHPodcast

  11. Hopping on the bandwagon, I get the classic RPG male vs female variation of the *same* armor. ^_^ https://t.co/qX5b1LD6JL

  12. "Meat Tree Express" via the Bad Feeling Buvette. ^_^

  13. @ShintarCommando Also, perhaps a seasoning of various devs using lockboxes in a heavy handed fashion?

  14. "‘What do women want?’: A company that lets women hire attractive male servants says it has the answer" https://t.co/tQRxeeTw8k

  15. https://t.co/FUJpgA4Udi

  16. Some things take a long time to die. https://t.co/gyQS3JhJjV

  17. It's interesting that measured over time, Democrats are *more* polarized than Republicans. https://t.co/2JfHHImwcg

  18. @Rach_Games I can see why they renamed it, but Swtor has had worse server names (https://t.co/DLxxYpgUQo) in the past. Ah, well.

  19. @Warcraft Though longer available, The Great Masquerade. Walking with Marshal Windsor through Stormwind was epic.

  20. @Lawilc01 That sucks. When you feel like it, try again as you never know which relationship will withstand the true test: time.

  21. @RPGbeatsRL Aye. Though given they made first mass-market fingerprint reader work reliably I'm hoping they do the s… https://t.co/buU8CSwtRY

  22. This. I’ve always been surprised that more companies don’t have cross-game/cross-platform chat capability. https://t.co/MkMNQZeoxv

  23. The look I got from Leo when I came to empty the tub of the dirty laundry. ^_^ https://t.co/BIpqUEiQWr

  24. As a followup to an earlier tweet link: https://t.co/sHdgcMNyhr.

  25. @ShintarCommando It used to be the joke that people said "Roll" because of all the dice you used in D&D (early 80s timeframe).