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  1. The 1.7 patch for the Secret World is now live. While it doesn't activate the new content planned for Issue #7, it does, however, "contain all the fixes and code features that were planned for Issue #7." I'll highlight a list of major fixes and changes in this thread. For a complete list, please go to Update Notes 1.7.
  2. DumbOx

    Love Dark Omen

    Glad to be of service, Pear.
  3. DumbOx

    Rare Spawns locations

    SaryaZ pulled the information on the rare boss locations from an outdated thread on the Secret World official fora. While much of the information provided is complete and accurate, locations for two of the rare bosses are now known, and further information on reaching a few of the rare bosses, which I provide below, should prove helpful for those pursuing the completion of the One for the Ages achievement: [712, 1010] Akir, the Sun Guardian (Placeholder: Canyon Spirit; three minute spawn timer) [660, 435] Algernon (Spawn from the Wabanaki Sacred Site and head south. If he's present, he should spawn once you run on top of the mound from of the Orochi side quest The Experiment.) [586, 682] The Collector (Inaccessible unless you climb a cliff-side rock, southeast, at 702, 604.) [390, 20] Father Appleby (The Reawakened achievement used to be linked to the killing of this zombie, but a patch later removed it; however, I've read online that you may still have to kill Father Appleby in order to complete the One for the Ages achievement. If you killed all the rare bosses and still haven't been awarded the achievement, be sure to kill Father Appleby.) [617, 598] Hrapp, Fog-Cloaked (Residing in a misty cave north of the Quarry's filthy lake.) [901, 896] The Lost One (Spawns in front of the door at these coordinates and wanders the area.)
  4. DumbOx

    Rare Spawns locations

    I just defeated the final rare boss this morning. The reward is a snazzy new jacket.

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