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  1. pearwood

    Hi! .. and a few questions

    Hi Miller A big welcome to Dark Omen 1) TSW is single server , and then sub-divided into dimensions. Dimensions are only there to reduce "overcrowding" in a particular area/scenario. You can happilly chat / group / meet up with anyone in any dimension; Apart From PvP ^^. This is set to certain battlegroups. 2) Faction is not really important , It just gives different "faction quests" and different outfits. Multi-faction works well in this game. True: We started as Dragon but decided to go multi-faction so that members with Alts in the other factions could still enjoy our community. I hope this helps , and can I recommend you look at http://forums.thesecretworld.com/forumdisplay.php?f=6 Some great information there-- ( It sure helped me a lot ) Any questions or help you need, don't hesitate to ask. Charlie -- pearwood
  2. pearwood

    The Secret World - Issue 8 and the augment system

    Wow I better start brushing up on my Excel skills. Looks like there will be a lot of data crunching to get the best setup NO WAIT ! --- I could just hold off till someone does all the calcs. and posts on the official forums . Phew --"Big Sigh of Relief" Btw Sarya I just found your emoticon : Pearwood
  3. pearwood

    The Gilded Rage

    Are we, as a Cabal, going to try this out? We have 2 weeks to keep having a go . Would be great fun to do over this weekend.
  4. I really have to agree/endorse everything written in this article. I found the Guardians of Gaia event to be some of the best fun I've had in a MMO for a long time. Well done FC.
  5. Would be really fun to get cabal groups to take down the 9 Guardians
  6. pearwood

    Love Dark Omen

    This may come across as Naff or Soft or whatever; But just wanted to say how much i enjoy this cabal. Friendly, helpful people---- what more can you ask for. Well Done Officers

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