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  1. DrMack

    Check this out

    Great news Elite, thats an awsome result for an excellent effort !!!
  2. DrMack

    Alien Colonial Marines

    I heard bad reviews so I didn't bother either..lol
  3. DrMack

    Elite Force I

    I do... for those days when enough of us decide to rekindle something from the good ol days hehe
  4. DrMack

    Elite Force I

    ....Trench strafe jump FTW !!!!!
  5. DrMack


    LOL, figured it'd be something like that, nice touch ol man
  6. Not sure whats worse... the fact that you guys did that for almost 8 minutes or the fact that I sat here and watched it for the same time...lol
  7. DrMack

    Awesome skin Elite :)

    Pretty nice looking...except for the black font, its kind of hard to read
  8. Does anyone have Screamins contact info ?? Bio mentioned it before but it'd be awsome to have the best PS pilot on our side dont' ya think??!??

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AllStar


      Well I hope we can leave old drama behind and enjoy playing again!

    3. BiocYte


      I let it go a long time ago lol. But I will once again require loyalty to the oE, that wont change.

    4. AllStar


      Nor Should it

  9. DrMack

    Former Clanmate

    My condolences To thier family, RIP Natter.
  10. DrMack

    Found this on the way back machine lol

    Bio lookin up like that explains his lack of targeting skills after his 3rd year of fraggin in EF... I think it had something to do with him wanting to be a topnotch hardcore player and deciced that sudden spasms of prayers ( hence the looking up all the time ) would benefit his ability ... but alas, he is still praying ... just like the rest of us.. lol :biggrin:
  11. DrMack

    Merry Xmas to all!

    Now its on to Happy New Years and the rule states... have one for me !!! Hope you all have a great holiday season
  12. DrMack


    OMG.... 50 min queue times , its killin me , I just went to Grand Master Zym server for now until they sort out these rediculous wait times.... sigh
  13. DrMack

    PC beta

    If anyone wants to try out the demo without pre-purchasing the game, for a low price of $4.95 from here http://www.curse.com/articles/battlefield-bad-company-2/663437.aspx you can get a beta key ..... enjoy p.s. I just did and will be in soon enuf.....hehe
  14. DrMack

    PC beta

    I guess the list of download sites available are overrun so here is a torrent link if anyone uses torrents http://speltorrents.se/details.php?id=1519
  15. DrMack

    Star Trek Online Beta

    Got mine the next day so not sure why yours is taking so long

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