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  1. Table stakes for modern web authentication: https://t.co/0rtNPURNiw

  2. RT @hage_2013: ???????? https://t.co/lxm3wPyL5v

  3. @Kairomatic @monomipark congratulations on being able to spend all day talking about literally the cutest game in existence

  4. RT @jencanfield7: @sarahjeong Whenever you’re sad, just remember this: https://t.co/Qviry57m81

  5. @Dymaxion "we sha-256 hashed every phone number so nobody would be able to tell what they were" i got bad news for you m8

  6. @englishmace @freyamarske @_alexrowland puppy!!!

  7. RT @lizthegrey: See also: when candidate Trump tried to have a judge recuse "because he was Mexican". White men are assumed to be 'fair' an…

  8. @jackyalcine Looks like the "text-transform: uppercase;" rule is what is triggering it; it doesn't re-layout the te… https://t.co/PB6rQnLSp0

  9. RT @matt_roly: Anyone helpfully pointing out to me that "these are just cheat codes" is missing the important context that _these are not f…

  10. @avflox @db "express yourself" remains one of my all-time favorite movie scenes

  11. RT @itzzkait: “How will I explain gay couples to my kids” If you can explain to them that an immortal man in a red suit who lives in the N…

  12. “The topic every game dev is talking about behind closed doors : The cost of doing business” @morganjaffit https://t.co/myMsMbxpyl

  13. @vampirecoffee ɲ๏

  14. @vampirecoffee @calder87 Only if you crouch! Clearly you have to make sure the wall doesn't notice you.

  15. @juliaferraioli I felt that way after closing on a house


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