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  1. RT @BabyAnimalGifs: he protec, but he also attac https://t.co/FPtRCxg5w9

  2. My sympathies to all of the devs that just got screwed over by their employer. :/ https://t.co/GitXJHiei7

  3. RT @lara_hogan: It's also why double opt-in intros are *a must*. Please please please don't go intro'ing people to each other without askin…

  4. @hartknyx Would you say it's... your passion

  5. @skamille See that would be so much better if it were "please select a gender to ship" #shippingwars

  6. @RosemaryMosco https://t.co/J7vA2eM7Rh

  7. @argvee I plead the fifth

  8. RT @AaronTheH: AMAZING https://t.co/zS67j3zYl7

  9. RT @Shakestweetz: Secondly: Clinton's campaign wasn't a hotbed of staffers fucking? GOOD. That sounds like a professional organization that…

  10. RT @ZacharyQuinto: https://t.co/pg2PLnHpXt

  11. @EricaJoy thought of your tweets from yesterday; this seems like a good choice for my outfit today. https://t.co/PouRWembIZ

  12. @whereistanya @tdierks @kristamm Yeah, attempting to compare between employed parent and stay at home parent is a recipe for disappointment.

  13. RT @lynncyrin: RTing this article dozens of times until the 3k+ of y'all that aren't sex workers all read it https://t.co/q64dpmDSjV

  14. @jessysaurusrex Cute that they say "a DSP *like* " but don't actually state which one. So t… https://t.co/Lutn1BJ5Hc

  15. @AnneMunition Next up Lucio?