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  1. @lepas ...so I read the alt text and now I can't stop giggling

  2. RT @lcamtuf: Gotta say, the joyful bashing of the Equifax CISO for having the wrong degree is the ugliest thing I've seen in our industry i…

  3. @alicegoldfuss https://t.co/4dId3lXEiP

  4. @DRMacIver @ireneista I think this is actually the opposite of broken windows...it's more like "put out the actual… https://t.co/puBbpdRfd6

  5. @FinalFrog E.g. Reaper counters Winston fairly hard, but a good Winston can still fight a bad Reaper via use of shield etc.

  6. @vogon More likely explanation is someone brought the box of Duracells to replace the existing Evereadys in something they were using.

  7. @rlazarus Also, timing

  8. RT @samuelpalin: Since people are AGAIN angry about fast food workers demanding decent wages, let me repost this by an NY paramedic: https…

  9. RT @juliaferraioli: Place the burden of fixing STEM on the actual problem: men https://t.co/F7OETLOjRf

  10. @nex3 whynotboth.jpg

  11. @At_UnderscoreAt Both of those have far too high a consonant ratio

  12. @expectproblems Is there no indicated movement on the Oscar because it's quiet enough that you haven't gotten another fix on it?

  13. I'm glad that we have folks at Google actively working to improve inclusiveness in ML algorithms: https://t.co/piqGZNBFUQ

  14. Goodbye Sydney! https://t.co/xR04O6qHS0

  15. RT @mk87692884: ????lovebirds???? https://t.co/iLvTkx1Pui