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  1. Saricino

    Welcome To DarkOmen Forum : Slutarilla

  2. Saricino

    Diamond Shores Bungalow

    Sold it.
  3. Saricino

    Diamond Shores Bungalow

    No longer need it. Reduced price to sell it fast. whisper me in game
  4. Saricino

    KOS list

    +1 to this.
  5. Saricino

    DarkOmen trade mission

    Nice!! now that I have a hauler also I'll have to participate in the next trade train.
  6. Saricino

    Welcome To DarkOmen Forum : Nicholle

    Welcome Nicholle to the forum
  7. Saricino

    ArcheAge 2.5 patch notes

    Can't wait to login tonight
  8. Saricino

    Dungeon groups

    Would like to run some more dungeons with you all. I'll see if we can get something going in the evening.
  9. Saricino


    The dam laces get them everytime lol
  10. Saricino

    Gardens etc.

  11. Saricino

    Sailing the open sea.

    Sweet boat!!!
  12. ArcheAge looks pretty damn cool

  13. Saricino

    House location under construction

    Might have to check this game out. Looks interesting.
  14. Saricino

    new missions

    Who is working on the new missions? Are they worth getting?????
  15. Saricino

    Scenario Weekend

    Has started it runs until the 18th

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