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  1. The gold spammers also spam links, to those websites on the Archeage Youtube videos lol
  2. araymous

    House location under construction

    Yeah we could, as long as you remember the location of those houses
  3. araymous

    House location under construction

    Here's another one in Lilyut Hills guys Overview of the house Unpaid taxes info
  4. araymous

    House location under construction

    Thanks, that person got until 4 October to pay their taxes or else it will be destroyed lol
  5. araymous

    House location under construction

    Yeah I tried to embed it as an image file but sadly it gave me the same error, I've tested the links & the worked fine. Its a bit weird lol I'll fix it now
  6. araymous

    Mount quest information

    Here's video link showing you where to find the quest to get your first mount.[LINK] Here's also a guide on getting one on IGN's page [LINK] I hope this helps
  7. Hey guys Here's some screenshots I took in game of a house still under construction which has overdue unpaid tax fees.I've circled it in red to show you where it is The location is in Devstone plains Here's another one that shows you how the house is sitting & its pretty funny lol
  8. Hey guys If we plan on doing group quests or Raids, we should consider using voice communication software. Instead of using Ventrilo, Mumble or Teamspeak, we should use Razer Comms which doesn't require you to create any servers for chat but instead you use their servers. Watch this video to get a better idea [LINK] You can download from here: [LINK]
  9. Hey guys Here' some links that will be helpful to your gaming experience in Archeage. Interactive map: This will show you the location of ships, public transport as well as resources that can be gathered for crafting.(LINK) Here are other links to Archeage tutorials I found on Youtube: Archeage Gliders! How to Get and Upgrade!(LINK) ArcheAge Guide To Housing(LINK) ArcheAge FAQ / Tips and Tricks(LINK) ArcheAge guide - Farming and gathering tutorial(LINK) ArcheAge - How to get a Wolf Pet(LINK) ArcheAge: Fishing Guide - Standard and Trophy Fishing Explained(LINK) I hope this helps you guys in game
  10. araymous

    Closed beta stuff

    I'm playing the current 4th beta
  11. araymous

    Are people still playing TSW?

    Cool, I'll add you
  12. araymous

    Are people still playing TSW?

    I'm level 41 lol Did you choose Tarnished Coast as your home server? Whats IGN in GW2? Mines is still Araymous in game GW2
  13. araymous

    Are people still playing TSW?

    Green Gaming Man is your best place for a good deal on Guild Wars 2 & also make sure you when you get the game, choose Tarnished Coast as your home server before you create your character Here's the link to buy it as a digital version: http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/nz/en/pc/games/mmos/guild-wars-2-digital-edition-na/ Enjoy!

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