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  1. ArcheAge Flashback :)

    Noro was a babby once!
  2. Forum look

  3. I was minding my own business, then Egress on his alt whispered me... (here's the translation of the conversation) ... I guess, this is the kind of person he is, someone who thinks too highly of himself... quality player? maybe... quality person? definitely not! G O O D R I D D A N C E!
  4. Birthdays ^^ When is yours?

    Happy Birthday Myew Sensei! In advance
  5. Daily Guild Dose of Shenaniganizing

    @Taiye and Gavin's new Lily House
  6. Daily Guild Dose of Shenaniganizing

    Be sure to save at the Guild Houses at Castaway Strait!
  7. Attack on Red Grim Rift

    ...and the reds didn't get to finish grim rift