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  1. Thank you Sarya! Now that i know what the limitation is, I'm gonna reformat the post and cut it down into smaller pieces.
  2. Have videos show embed. Seems like it is very random for them to show as links or embed.
  3. Paradigm vs. The Guardians Harmony vs. Leave No Survivors
  4. Incendiary vs. Fatality Zerg vs. Empire Could not get this one to work as it is a Twitch video - Sarya Check out the 2.5 class changes
  5. Siege Videos: INC vs. TWO Karma vs. Ascendancy
  6. Hello guys, This is a thread to consolidate links to useful Archeage pages, forum posts and guides. Official Sites: Archeage Forums: Trion's Twitch Channel: Twitter: Archeage Reddit: Community Sites: Archeage Builder: Archeage Database: Gear Set Bonuses: Archebox Maps Gear Builder (In russian, use google translate): Events and Quests: Game Clocks, Daily Quests and Merit Stars: Hallowtide Guide: Video Guide: World Bosses and Dungeons: Greater Dungeons Overview: Greater Kroloal Cradle Guide: Delphinad Ghost Ship Guide: Kraken Guide: Leviathan Guide: Theorycraft and Classes: 2.5 Class Changes with numbers: Kanon's Plate Guide Combat Mechanics Compendium Armor Pen vs. Pure Ranged Attack Chart Magic Pen vs Pure Magic Attack Chart Archeage EHP (Effective Health) Calculator: Toughness Calculations: Armor Grade Buffs for 2.0: s/3m3ggo/armors_grade_buffs_20/ Trap's Spellsinger Guide for 2.0 Crafting and Farming: Crafting Recipes for Apothecary and Armorer's Houses: Tax Calculator Trade Pack Values Fancy Site: Trade Pack Values: Farming Products Efficinecy Charts: Overview of Weapon Crafting (Build 2.0): "Approved" Mods: Teleport Book Sort and Filter Mod Korean Font Mod FoV Adjust Mod Please, feel free to correct any mistake or broken link, and also suggest new ones to add to the list. P.S. Can a mod help with the BBCode for the videos in this post? Can't make it work right.
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