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  1. Friends List Names

    Being married is where I have been! And I'm in the process of putting a water cooling loop together in an attempt to silence my GTX 470 and chill my mobo's VREGs. I'll be on more often now since we're finally done with the marriage aftermath crap (aka Thank yous and gift returns/exchanges). Also, Sextron thinks we should get back into MW2 so I tried that out but my God it sucks so much ass. Might be on tonight.
  2. Server update

    I'm getting married tomorrow and heading to Mexico for a week, so I've been kinda busy.
  3. Server update

    Bronze stars are 500pts I think, Silver are 1000, Gold are 5000, and Platinum are... 10,000? Might only be 5000, can't remember.
  4. Don't be a BC2 n00b !

    It varies depending on whether it's a primary weapon, gadget, pistol, vehicle, etc. Primary weapons are 25/50/100/1000, and most-if-not-all gadgets are 10(?)/25/50/500.
  5. Todays Patch Notes!

    Pretty nice changes, overall. Surprised not to see any SMG or MG3 love, though.
  6. Fix Hitbox Lag

  7. Todays Patch Notes!

  8. ATI Catalyst 10.4 betas

    Definitely did not fix my loading issues. Some dude in-game said the 5800 series cards don't respond to the fix, but I have 5770s... So who knows.
  9. ATI Catalyst 10.4 betas

  10. BC2 Server RCON

    Cruiza Thanks!!
  11. BC2 Server RCON

    Is there such a thing? Gotta be... If it's not set up, could we make it happen?
  12. Friends List Names

    Shit's bugged, yo!
  13. 10:00 PM Tonight?

    This game is a billion times more fun when we get to play together as a team! Sorry I couldn't make it last night. As I said in my previous post, I finally got my new SSD yesterday, so I was working on getting that set up. I couldn't find my official W7 installation DVD, so I tried burning one. I have no burning software (e.g., Nero, etc.), so I just used the W7 burning function on my laptop. However, apparently MS is dumb (surprise!) because W7 wouldn't let me close the disk or something, so my desktop couldn't recognize the disk! After a couple hours or F'ing around (redownloading the 3.2GB ISO, burning three different discs, etc.) I finally found my official installation DVD. Put it in, worked right away. Man, SSDs are faaaaaaast!!! Got BC2 downloaded and will install it this afternoon. I gotta clean up the apartment and do laundry tonight, but I'm sure I'll be online a little bit, too.
  14. 10:00 PM Tonight?

    I might. I'm trying to get my new SSD up and running, but my W7 installation DVD isn't working...