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    I serve DarkOmen

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    Orygun, surrounded by vegan tree huggers! Willing to kill them all for a good steak!

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  1. Merry Xmas to all!

    Merry Christmas from the clan of the Nubba May the wealth and experience you gain in your game life spill over into your real life.
  2. Welcome!

    official website http://www.joinsection8.com/
  3. Welcome!

    Smoooooth graphics, nice maps, quick and easy combat mechanics. me so happy that i can play one of these. Sniper gun friggen rocks!!!! jump booster is weak to start get enough points tho, and you can upgrade in combat, just dont get crushed by the drop box LOL yes is good stuff, i just wanna know if i can change my ingame name dun care for my gamespy login as my name.
  4. Welcome!

    The wifey was more excited for me than i was to see me playing one of these games for more than 3 minutes without my ears bleeding and suffering from anal seepage.
  5. Welcome!

    I dun did dat. finally got in, just took some time... dunno why. cant access the forums tho, HOWEVAH I can play the game and i dont get the uber nausea the headache is acceptable for this action it was nice slaughtering the unsuspecting idiots and hacking gun turrets soooooooooooo i guess this is going into the buy list now.... to figure out if and when i can get on a compatable schedule for OSE team play.
  6. Welcome!

    the game gods must not like me. i have been a fileplanet/ign/gamespy paying member for several years but it will not let me into the beta or download the damn game.