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  1. Anyone interested playing...

    I've already played 3 times in 2 days ^^ compared to 2 times in the past 9 months lol My 'arris was in da game this very evening!
  2. Download NOLF2

    http://www.filefront.com/user/ImperialSkirm I hosted them at filefront LivesForeverPlus.exe nolf2-update_1x3.exe si_nolf2_mappack01.exe si_nolf2_update_mappack2.exe no cd.rar
  3. Clan tag

    Cheers E1 Can you remove the OSE in front of my name as well ? and change my login to plain Sander as well I'm a pain ain't I!? To stay on topic: What does "Obsidian" mean... lol
  4. Clan tag

    Yay ^^ the whole OSE tag has no value for me yet... I liked SFI because I knew all people and it was all good fun I don't even know the current OSE leaders except bella and e1. I doubt that there are any members from the other clan that play nolf2 ? Isn't there any area where everyone introduces themselves? (p.s., my "group" still says members )
  5. Clan tag

    "I'm Dennis Doyle, from downstars!" (Quote from Run, fat boy, run!) Hi Nat
  6. Download NOLF2

    The downloads section of UNITY is down and therefor this tutorial doesn't work anymoer either: http://sficlan.net/Unityhq/nolf2multiplaye...multiplayer.htm I need the join by ip tool and livesforever mod to get nolf2 working again
  7. Anyone interested playing...

    I think you should shout LOUDER. My tool cared when I wanted to play (ooh that sounds double).
  8. Clan tag

    I'm baaaaaack.