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  1. I've already played 3 times in 2 days ^^ compared to 2 times in the past 9 months lol My 'arris was in da game this very evening!
  2. I hosted them at filefront LivesForeverPlus.exe nolf2-update_1x3.exe si_nolf2_mappack01.exe si_nolf2_update_mappack2.exe no cd.rar
  3. Cheers E1 Can you remove the OSE in front of my name as well ? and change my login to plain Sander as well I'm a pain ain't I!? To stay on topic: What does "Obsidian" mean... lol
  4. Yay ^^ the whole OSE tag has no value for me yet... I liked SFI because I knew all people and it was all good fun I don't even know the current OSE leaders except bella and e1. I doubt that there are any members from the other clan that play nolf2 ? Isn't there any area where everyone introduces themselves? (p.s., my "group" still says members )
  5. "I'm Dennis Doyle, from downstars!" (Quote from Run, fat boy, run!) Hi Nat
  6. The downloads section of UNITY is down and therefor this tutorial doesn't work anymoer either: I need the join by ip tool and livesforever mod to get nolf2 working again
  7. I think you should shout LOUDER. My tool cared when I wanted to play (ooh that sounds double).
  8. I'm baaaaaack.