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  1. Yeah I have been playing pretty religiously. Pale has been playing Mech Warrior and a few of the others said they will be back to play after some RL stuff. Would be nice if we could get more on and do some dungeons and lairs. Fatal
  2. Weapon models
  3. Here is a good site I found on gear. What can be upgraded and with what, and what cant. TSW gear Fatal
  4. Cool thanks for the link. Fatal
  5. Its all in the Talismans. There is Health, Attack, and Healing. I can make some for you. What lvl talismans are you using? Fatal
  6. Absolutely
  7. No you dont. You can always go back and do them later. Fatal
  8. Nice site with drops from dungeons. TSW Loot Fatal
  9. Looks like there is an open weekend 8/3 to 8/6 so come give it a try! Open weekend
  10. Great post Pale! I couldn't agree more. If you have not tried the game yet shoot me a msg and I will send you a buddy key that will allow you try it for 30 days. I have been having a lot of fun with it and with the customization of 500 skills (250 active and 250 passive) to create builds and synergize weapons the possibilities are endless. Come give it a try! Fatal
  11. Yeah looks great! Fatal
  12. Sounds good. Fatal
  13. Looks good thanks! Fatal
  14. We have actually decided to go Dragon. Fatal
  15. Early access will start Friday. I will create the Cabal again. Who has pre-ordered and will be on Friday? Would be nice to group up and do some dungeons this weekend. Fatal