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The Royal Knights Chess Team

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I finally made the list of points earners for my chess team on Chessmaniacs.com! I'm going to post chess screenshots and game analyses and anyone else may do the same:



G.O.L.D FredetteJacques 330 points
Silver Heeres Roeper with 138 points
Bronze krdza with 130 points

Well done all

The APRIL ^Top 40 Club^ points earners are:

330pts FredetteJacques
138pts Heeres Roeper
130pts krdza
68pts LuMatte (At a boy Joe *TU*)
64pts woodturner
60pts jasonjdl
58pts falin
54pts BeZerKoManDr
54pts lubitel
54pts johnnydrummond
52pts JohnCrossen
40pts RenanReis

30 knights scored 20 points or more, four up on March, and 66 of us still managed at least one win. Great stuff everyone.
TRKs: Seriously, no other team even comes close.

NEW KNIGHTS of the Chequered Table

TRKs MIPs in April went to:
* xanadooo * and * thenewspaper * and * Queensplace * and * TLP75 *

Royal Knights Chess Club
Do you have a game you are really proud of? Want to discuss openings or end games?
Then come along to the Royal Knights Chess Club, we would love to hear from you.
If you have not already joined, apply through the clubs at this link.
The Royal Knights Chess Club

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