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How to configure your EF2 client to find servers

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here is a small tutorial how to set the new Master Server for your Client Game and Game Server.

Please note:


That you might need Administrative privileges for this to work.

It can take up to 30 seconds for you to connect to a server when connecting the first time to it with your current IP

It might show you a Authentication failed message, ignore it. It appears only because the verification of your CD-Key did not succeed (usually done by the Master/Auth server)


Windows (XP,Vista,Win7)


Open the file named "hosts" in "C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc"

(assuming you installed windows on drive "c").

Make sure you use Notepad.exe or any else text editor to edit the hosts file, Wordpad or Word or Office will !!!N O T!!! work!

Scroll down to the bottom line and add the following line: ef2master.activision.com

Save the file and reboot your Operating System.


MAC OS-X 10.2 and above


Access the TERMINAL

Browse the directory using the command string:

cd /private/etc

Open the hosts file in the nano text editor:

sudo nano hosts

Scroll down to the bottom line and add the following line: ef2master.activision.com

Press Control and X and save the file with administrative privileges.

Reboot your Operating System.



Dedicated Servers


Add the following configuration string to your server-config and make sure the server loads the config file on each start-up:

set sv_master1 ef2master.activision.com

set sv_master2 ef2master.gdev-rp.org


Listen Servers


Enter into the console (use the middle mouse button to paste text from the clipboard into the game console), and hit enter:

seta sv_master1 ef2master.activision.com

seta sv_master2 ef2master.gdev-rp.org

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