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How to install Elite Force 2 on newer Macs (Intel Macs)

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Ever want to go back to the good old days of 2003, and play Elite Force 2? But are hindered by Mac compatibility issues? I was told other people are getting errors when they try to install EF2 on new Macs. So I am going to show you how to install Elite Force 2 on new Macs. (As requested by BeserkermanDr)


Variation 1;


Step 1. Get out your old Macintosh (Os9 - 10.4) and a flash drive.


Step 2. Install Elite Force 2 on your old Mac.


Step 3. Move the files onto the flash drive.


Step 4. Plugin your flash drive into your newer Mac, and transfer the files.


Step 5. Plop in the The Elite Force 2 disc (disc 1) and open the EF2 app.


There you go. It worked for me on my Os 10.6, but I don't know if the app will launch on Lion.

If someone gets a chance to test it on Lion, please post the results below...



Variation 2;


Step 1. Download the Ef2 files (link will be provided later)


Step 2. Plop in the Elite Force 2 disc (disc 1) and launch the app.


LEGAL STUFF; There should not be a problem uploading the game assets to file sharing site (say Media Fire) because it still requires the disc to play, thats what I was told.



For Multiplayer to work you must follow the directions on this thread.


I hope my little trick works for you, and I hope you have fun on Elite Force 2 again! Cheers! :thumbsup:

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I have lion, once i get some free time i'll try transferring files from my old computer to my new one here. i'll let you know if it works

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