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Elite Force 2 scores page [SFI]

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-this screenshot cost me the win, cause for some reason when I first take screen w F11 it freezes game for a minute Thereafter it clears up, but in this case the time ran out so bot won... :lol:




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I think this one came out the best so far, despite the lag. You can see when I jump on the jump jets on the Shock Training board, they don't work because I'm in a lower frame than the game. I have to find a way to fix the lag from making videos because for the most part it just makes me unable to play well, and no one wants to watch that. The distortion at the end is very strange effect, I don't know why it made the view of the edifice on dm_kirk into that. It doesn't appear in the xfire version. :lol:

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aa#6.jpgSomething strange happened on TDM server; voted change map and it started game again in mashup of opening screen and scene from spectator mode cut into it... :P



aa#0.jpg(Dialga was also affected)

I changed back to original map (dm_kw) and it cleared up as far as playing, although part of the landscape was missing... :P


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I reinstalled EF2. I don't know what happened but I looked through disk usage a couple days ago and CoOp Mod listed at 9720 some MB which didn't seem right. I uninstalled CoOp and lost EF2 (it is probably a good precaution to back up your base folder, which I wish I would have thought of sooner).


I fixed my DVD drive and reinstalled EF2 yesterday. I got back a lot of maps and skins, including some I didn't have before. The problem is I don't have some of the basic maps, such as sewer, Shock training, dm_kw, Trophinus, Attrexian assault... they are no longer included in the 1.1 patch and gone from EF2 download sites.


I was wondering also: what would it take to allow additional skins to be recognized by server? There are various alternate skins and characters but they revert to Munro if used.

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I do not know how i did this-- I opened window on xfire, hit some key and when I came back to screenshot it was reversed thusly...:)aaj07.jpgaaj3.jpg




aaj08.jpgThe Disturbance Continues...<br style="font-family: trebuchet ms,sans-serif; color: rgb(51, 51, 153);"> aaj6.jpg









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