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Ultimate Mod for FFA server

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I've decided to switch the FFA server over to the Ultimate Mod. You can get the optional client side part of it from EFfiles


A couple of new things that the rcon can do with this mod (banning people who disrupt gameplay being a big one)



---New Rcon Commands:---

( <> = Required [] = optional )



Usage: addip <ip>

Adds an ip to the ban filter, NOTE: filterban must be set to 1 to ban ips. To ban a range, type for example "addip 195"



Usage: removeip <ip>

Removes an ip from the ban filter



Usage: listip

Lists the ips currently filtered



Usage: writeip

Writes the banned ips to a cfg file so they remain banned if you close and reopen your server



Usage: botlist

Lists all of the available bots



Usage: callvote <command> <argument>

Calls a vote inside the server (you can use any command)



Usage: forceteam <client num> <team>

Changes the team of the specified player



Usage: forceclass <client num> <class>

Changes the class of the specified player



Usage: forcemodel <client num> <model>

Changes the model of the specified player



Usage: forcename <client num> <name>

Changes the name of the specified player



Usage: nextmapinlist

This will advance to the next map in your maplist



Usage: svsay <text>

Lets you talk through the dedicated console to players

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The new server is GREAT!:) Everything looks clearer and I am able to move much better now on it (especially w Temporal Accelerator, thanks). The bots are wicked good too.:) Could you clarify how to input the commands you listed? I don't have Rcon so I don't know if I can do them.

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