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Elite Force 2 Marines

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Please post if you play Elite Force 2 currently or have it available to install. In order to continue playing while the master server is down, I would like to begin scheduled times at which multiple OSE players are available and invite other players publicly to come to our OSE Elite Force servers at these times. We can practice and play matches and form a group of marines who will play as much as possible.


For the time being, servers are not visible except in favorite lists ingame and through xfire. It is important for the continued survival of the game to try and produce activity which can be seen on xfire so players will continue to come while the master server is out. New players are still showing up, so if we have someone around when they find our servers it will facilitate them to come back.:D

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Tactical Innovations; '09-10


I Mod combine with sniper attack


Quantum torpedo tracking beam off at fire, advance and vary arc 20 ^ to vertickle

retrograde coverage by strqfe + alternate settings for cadence.

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