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  1. lol, I was on most Sunday afternoon. My wife took me to an end of summer/start of school party last night. Didn't get home to late and went straight to bed. I am closing in on my next rank and second Platinum Star though.
  2. No worries, we just miss fraggin with you monkey boy. But if you rather wave a wand, that is your call.
  3. I think the point is if there isn't even a core group inside our clan that can get together, I doubt it would ever get off the ground with only one or two guys. Like Hoff is saying, we are the only two lately playing this game and we are more casual that you boys and girls playing AION. No sweat, it is what it is. Of course we would love to see you put that fairy wand down and join us.
  4. OSE BiocYte PRIVATE III BFBC2 Stats Time: 06h 17m 31s
  5. Hmmm, no friend request waiting for me??? So I sent him one. Hopefully he gets that and can accept.
  6. sorry, road trip was longer than expected and I was too tired to even think about getting on last night. I will plan to be back in action this Wed night.
  7. Slayer


    Holly shitte, he is alive... Tommy my boy, how are you doing. Long time no see or hear. Thought you fell off the planet. Figured between Section 8 being such a flop and the P90X program, you were gone forever. Get you butt into BFBC2. That is an order...
  8. Sorry, but this Wed I will be on the road headed to Fort Sill, OK. My son is completing his basic training, family day is Thursday and graduation on Friday. I will try to be back for Sunday though.
  9. Wed and Sun are best for me. (crickets are chirping)
  10. Slayer


    I have been usually able to get some BFBC2 action on Wed and Sun nights. Normally 2 to 3 hours worth before the ball and chain complains. I know Frozen was really kicking azz earlier on BF, but haven't seem him around lately. Just been me and Hoff for the most part.
  11. Slayer

    EA War Room

    I was looking around the EA website and found the War Room. If you haven't seen it yet, it is pretty cool. You an view the maps like Google earth. The map is even powered by Google. Gives you a nice birds eye of the maps and you can edit them with symbols to set up your war strats. Would be very helpful if say you had some mates that really liked to play and you wanted to lay out some game plans. So who is our military strategists?
  12. Slayer


    Where the heck is Bio when you need him. He makes a great target. C'mon man, take off that clown suit and get back to the real FPS world.
  13. Slayer


    lol, I finally got the elusive All Weapons Bronze Award and All Bronze Stars Award for a total of 15,000 pts. Was a little painful playing on those SPECTACT servers as the pings were terrible. Although after midnight or so, they seemed to play a little better, or maybe I was just starting to sober up a little by then. Gotta admit, using the Carl with unlimited ammo and rapid fire is crazy fun. By the end of the round, I don't think there is a building standing.
  14. Slayer


    DICE can kiss my shinny metal a$$
  15. Slayer


    Well it appears that you can't get all your weapons Bronze Stars until you also get them for the SPECTACT weapons. And since DICE hasn't opened that added content, or should I say, allowed that content to be used since it is already included in your game just not enabled. How gay is that. Anyway, there are some unlocked servers out there, and I mean way out there as the pings are quite high, that allow you to use those weapons. Anyways, last night I found Hoff playing on one of those unlocked servers and even though the pings were very high, it was still a hoot to play. You also have unlim
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